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All Mountain Back Ski

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Hey Guys,


In my second season of experiencing real mountain skiing... I'm looking to fill a gap in my ski quiver.


Currently I have a pair of 2014 Head Rev 85's which are great front mountain cordy carving machines. 


I also have a pair of 2015 Black Diamond Carbon Megawatt's - 120 underfoot pow skis that I plan to one day use for backcountry touring.


So! I'm on the hunt for something in the 95-105 underfoot category that gives me joy all day long on the mountain. I realize this depends heavily on my skill level, how I ski, and what I want. To start, I'm 6' tall - currently 220 lb - trying to get down to 200 lb - either way, a bigger dude. My skill level would be intermediate - I can get down double blacks but I've got a lot to improve on :)


The tricky part - what I want... at least what I think I want. I can say I'm not an ex-ski racer... I don't want to just hammer out carves and spend all day on groomers. Although, I do love shredding a high-speed big old GS leaned way over on edge. I don't particularly care for moguls - but that's a lack of proper technique I think. I'm also not a park rat. Typically I'm with friends exploring trees and I love jumping off small features getting little bits of air here and there. 


I've done loads of research and I'm trying to balance out playful soft skiing with stiff crud-busting attributes in a ski. To give you an idea of the spectrum of skis I'm currently considering, here's a list:


Volkyl Mantra
Nordica Enforcer
Blizzard Bonafide
K2 Pinnacle 95
Black Diamond Boundary 107
Solomon x drive 8.8 fs
Line sir Francis Bacon 108
Rossi Sickle


I was leaning most to the Nordica Enforcers or Blizzard Bonafides for their praised all-mountain performance. They seem like the responsible choice to make. But then I read about the Line Sir Francis Bacon and the previous Rossignol Sickle and how they're decent soft snow skis but tremendously playful and fun. FUN. I should probably take the Pinnacle 95 of that list - I'm likely too big for them.


Anyway - let me know your thoughts! Cheers.

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In descending order of burly:

Nordica Enforcer
Line Supernatural
Atomic Vantage
RAMP Shabang  

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You want burly?  Try ON3P, probably the Kartel 98.  I've skied the Kartel 98 and its a great ski, a lot of fun.  They built a special pair of skis for the autistic son of one of our customers.  His son destroys skis by constantly banging them together on the lift.  The skis they built are freaking amazing and tough as nails.  The skis are made in Portland, OR.  My deep snow ski is their Billy Goat.  And just so you know, I have three Nordica skis and the shop where I work part-time is a Nordica and ON3P dealer.

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Not necessarily looking for burly although I recognize skis like the enforcer and bonafide may be considered as such. If burly = stiffer/heavier crud busters that is important to me in an all-mountain ski.... I just want something "poppy" and "fun" as well.

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Thanks for the suggestions - I did demo the Vantage and found them to be good all-mountain... just not much fun - not very lively.

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When I say burly, I mean durable. Which Atomic Vantage did you demo, there are several?
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Originally Posted by mtcyclist View Post

When I say burly, I mean durable. Which Atomic Vantage did you demo, there are several?

The 100 cti
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