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Munich to Obergurgl

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Heading to Obergurgl in mid-March... we will miss the Easter crowds and apparently the Dutch crowds (school holidays!?).  We are flying into Munich (wish we could go into Innsbruck but not an option) and then driving down to Obergurgl.  


I've heard there are three primary ways... essentialy, highway down from Munich, across the border, through Innsbruch and then up the valley OR down to Garmish and either right to go over the Fern Pass or left through another area (can't remember the name).  My initial thought was... well, take the highway the whole way but apparently that can get busy and the Fern Pass is usually clear and not as trafficky.  I've heard German locals prefer that way.


Anyone have exprience?  We land in Munich on a Saturday around 1:15 so going through Munich around 2:15ish down towards Obergurgl.  We depart on a Saturday early in the morning from Obergurgl back to Munich.  


I've heard about the Vignette on the highway system, as well.  

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If you go the Fernpass way you can get away without have to get the Vignette.  I would go the other way and on the way there stop in Mittenwald, DEU and walk around in the town, get some dinner there and just enjoy.  I know you will probably be in a hurry to get to Obergurgl, but once you are there - you are there.  Take a couple hours and enjoy the town of Mittenwald or the next town of Seefeld, AUS.  You will be happy that you did it.  Get the vignette if you go this way.  Wish I was going with you as I lived near there for a couple years - I really liked Obergurgl.  Was talking the other day with my boys about eating chocolate crepes at the top of the gondola at the Hohe Mut Alm, you will like it!

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Wow... Mittenwald looks fantastic. So, it's kind of a debate... we'll be with two kids, 6 and 8, who will likely be tird from a transatlantic flight. That's why I'm thinking the Fern Pass way. Maybe we leave early on our way out and stop in Mittenwald to stretch our legs.

How is the skiing in Kuhtai BTW? Trying to think of a place to maybe check out other than Gurgl that isn't Soelden. What about Oetz?

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Never went to Khutai but heard was pretty good.  If I was going to do a day somewhere to see something else I would do a day at St. Anton or Ischgl.  Not too far from Obergurgl, well maybe a little far....Between Solden, Obergurgl/Hochgurgl that is a ton of skiing.  I'm thinking about the size of two Vails, maybe more.  I think if you are all the way over there, I know it is a bit of a pain, it would be quite cool to do a day at St. Anton.  I know you have little ones though....If you have a down day I think they have quite the swimming complex just down the valley from Solden.  Go hit Innsbruck, walk around the walking district, get something to eat, enjoy the day!

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Looks like a 90 minute drive to St Anton, I would agree with that - it is a beautiful drive too.  I just remembered - the skiing may be a little tough at St. Anton for your kids.  Not so sure though.  Maybe go to Lech/Zurs.  Lech is quite nice - google the White Ring, way fun!  I know kinda far away, but a great experience.

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We will have a down day so I like the idea of the swim complex.  I would fill each day with skiing if I could (love trying new places) but I'm not the only one :)  Will also look into going to some of St. Anton or Ischgl, etc.  Thank you everyone... I can't wait!!!

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