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I have feet that belong in a museum. Front to back, I have Morton's toe, with second and third toe longer than my big toe on both feet. I have a collapsing metatarsal arch, at least on my right foot. I get sixth toe pain and have a proportionately wide forefoot in comparison to a narrow heel. I don't have much of an arch, a low instep (except for bony protrusions at the top) and relatively flat feet, according to my foot doctor. My lower leg shaft is long and thin, with high calves.

My attempted solution approximately 6 years ago was to go to Surefoot at Squaw. They put me in the Lange Rx 120. I think they use the Conformable foam for liners, but I am not sure about that. They punched out the sixth toe area for me on each boot. I believe the last of that boot is something like 102,but I am not sure about that either.

The footbeds and fit for my foot have never been better in all of my 40 years of skiing. The problem is my lower leg shaft. If I don't cinch down my upper buckle and the powerstrap, my shins get sore and start to bleed. I recently took out the flex screws in the spine. I didn't get bleeding shin bang, but instead got what looked like rope burns, complete with blistered skin that turned to bleed and then scabs on the insides of my legs above the ankle bones.

Have my liners packed down too much? Do I need new boots? Should I try a new liner, like Intuition, and if so, can I keep my footbeds? Should I try eliminator tongue, power strap? Does a higher volume last mean too much volume for my lower leg shaft? Should I get a lower volume last and just punch the hell out of the forefoot?

I enjoy skiing bumps. Last day out I loosened my buckles and power strap and didn't have any issues with burns, bruises or bleeding but felt like my connection to the ski was sloppy and floppy, especially in heavier snow.

I am interested in Full Tilt's new Descendant series for the flex tongue, but maybe last that accommodates my forefoot is all wrong for the rest of my fit in the boot?

Thanks for reading. Any help would be gratefully appreciated and most welcome.
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1)  how is the shell fit?

2)  how many days on the boots/liners?

3) can you go ask surefoot what they can do to help you?


4)  one, thin sock in the boot?  no tights, long underwear, etc?

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Thanks, mntlion, for getting back to me.

So, yeah, nothing in the boot except the thinnest smartwool sock, everything else pulled way up past the power strap and nowhere near the inside of the boot.

I'm guessing about 100 days in both boot and liner.

Just did a shell fit by myself for the first time since the surefoot guy did it in the shop. I don't feel very confident in my own ability to accurately assess just exactly how much room is between my heel and my boot, especially with my Morton's toes, but I think it's about a half inch. I think I remember the surefoot fitter saying the same 5 or 6 years ago.

Which leads me to your last point. To really accurately gauge the shell fit, I would need someone who knows what he or she is doing, in which case I might as well go back to surefoot to get their opinion. It's not as convenient these days and they're not cheap, but I think you're right and probably makes the most sense.

Thanks, again, for your response and your thought-provoking questions. I will try to update when I visit them. If you have any other questions, comments or suggestions, I would welcome them.
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Shell fit:   find a pen, or marker that fits snugly just between your heel and the shell.   Measure the pen thickness.


foam liner will be ok for 100-200 days.   standard liner will be done at 100 days.

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Thanks, again, mtnlion. I get about a centimeter from the pen measure shell fit technique. It's just under half an inch.

I'm starting to think about new boots. Whatever I buy has got to handle bumps well. I don't bang bumps all day long like I did back in my days in Telluride, but if shin bang and bleeding shins are holding me back after skiing moguls or crud, I'm not happy.

I guess I owe it to myself to go back to surefoot, but any advice about getting new boots that can handle moguls well?

Thanks, again, for all of your help.
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