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Planing sidewalls with chisel

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So I've been getting flak every time I mention I cut my ski sidewall with chisel. Well you are probably imaging me going at it with a hammer, but no, you don't always use a hammer with chisel, even in woodworking. Anyway here are a few photos that hopefully will clear up any confusion. biggrin.gif

This will work for ABS sidewall skis, glass fiber cap ski may splinter depends on which direction you are cutting (i.e. with or against the grain).

Obviously you need a sharp chisel for this and need to sharpen it frequently. Simply hold the chisel against the edge, tilt inward about 10° and push, chisel won't cut into the actual metal edge and it will function as a guide rail. It helps if you butt your elbow against your body and push with your entire body.


If you have no metal layer above edge it's a piece of cake, if you do you need to push harder.



Sidewall after planing, nothing exciting here I'm afraid.

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I find that a grinder works pretty well. Make sure you have a bit more angle than 3 degrees. Fast, easy and leaves a reasonable finish. Easy to file just the edges afterward. I love grinders!

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The "far end" of a hand file works fine for me.  There is a method in the manipulation,  but it comes easily when you think about it and then try.

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