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Need a pair of 'work boots' for my 5'1"- 110lb. daughter. She's a college racer, USSA Level 200 Race Coach, lifelong skier, and rips all over the mountain. Here's the dilemma; she wants a pair of skis for coaching and course setting/course work other than the clapped out 155 SL racers she uses now. Lots of gates and netting to carry, general abuse, and snow conditions ranging from glare ice to off in the woods looking for dropped poles; most importantly, it's alllll day on the snow. She's tried some options that were only so-so;

Nordica Olympia Firefox in a 170 cm (122-70-105)- too damn heavy for all day work.
Titanal/wood core twintip in a 153 cm (108-72-100)- too soft and flexy for all day work.

Splitting the difference gives us two options at each end of the spectrum;

Kastle XX80 160 cm. (110-80-110) with a true center mount (0 Delta/25mm stack)
2014 Nordica Ace 163 cm. (121-86-110) rear set mount w/same binding

....I'm worried the Nordica's will be as heavy as her Firefoxes, or that the XX80's might be too park/pipe specific to ski well, or too soft for work. Any recommendations, reviews, or advice?

The picture is what she's riding now..

Thanks in advance.