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Balancing on edge

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Slow speed, very mellow groomed firm slope.

Alpine gear:

25 m radius skis, volkl katanas.

I am making shallow turns, initiating just by tipping the inside ski, no pivoting at all.

Inside ski slightly lifted, so all the weight is on outside Ski, inside edge.

Turn to the right, good feeling of stability, balancing on the outside (left) ski edge.

Turn to the left, having trouble balancing on the right ski, feels like I'm falling to the inside.

I am countered from the beginning, and angulated over the outside ski.

Boots were canted at start house, 3 1/2 left and 1/2 right, three years ago.

On my bc skis, also katanas, canted under bindings, same angles, no problem balancing on either ski, same terrain and same conditions.

Do you think that on my alpine setup I have too much or too little canting?

I am thousands of miles away, so I can't ask start house, and nobody works on alignment where I ski.

Thank you.
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No boot guys here?
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Hi Rod,

Any chatter from the ski when you turn left?
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What edges are canted?

In your description, you refer to outside, yet turning right, you say left edge?

Just to be sure everyone is reading the same thing, you mean outside ski, inside edge or big toe edges?

Do you have footbeds in both pairs of boots? What kind of alpine boots? Was a cuff alignment done?

Can you turn both directions on each foot (one footed) little toe edge as well as big toe edge. Which is harder?

Can you straight line on a single flat ski?
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No chatter when I turn left.
I meant left ski, not left edge.

Balancing on one ski while turning, always inside, big toe edge.

I have identical foot beds in both pairs of boots.

Alpine boots are rx130, bc black diamond factor mx130'

Cuff alignment done same way on both pairs of boots.
I can turn on one ski both directions, but those turns are a but skidded, I'm making short one ski turns on a 25+ radius turn ski.

The problem I have is when I let the ski turn just by tipping it.

I can straight line on one ski.

The issue is more subtle than this.

So, to ask the question again, if I feel it's hard to balance at very low speed on the right ski, do I need more canting or less?

Both boots are canted with the thick part to the inside.

What's puzzling is that supposedly my bc and alpine equipment are canted exactly the same way.
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Great explaination. That helps.

Sounds almost like you might need a little more cant on the right boot then. It may also be that your right foot may be collapsing a little inside the boot.

Because volume and lateral flex of the two boots you have, you may be experiencing some movement inside the boot.

Two things to try. 2 strips of duct tape under your big toe side and try again. Or add a little bit of tape under your arch on your footbed and try that. If its better, you will have your confirmation.
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