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Feeling the wind on your face is one of the great joys of skiing -- when you're going down the hill. But when you're riding the lift and the wind is blowing in your face, the Stio Shot 7 Down Jacket has something the others don't: a down lining that envelops both your body and your head, including your face and neck. You'd be amazed at how down in a hood that is perfectly sized to fit over a helmet can change your attitude about skiing on a blustery day. Recently I tested the jacket at Bridger Bowl, MT, after a storm had dropped 16" the day before and the wind was blasting off the Ridge directly down the lift lines -- an ordinary day in the Northern Rockies, you might say! 


The Shot 7 Down Jacket is made by Stio, based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Its design is simple, functional, and elegant. The 800 fill down lining is soft, supple, and compact so the coat doesn't look bulky, which can be the down-side (ahem) to other down-filled jackets, especially for smaller people like me. The shell fabric is waterproof and breathable and the jacket is very well made. While it should be noted that the company sent me the jacket to review for EpicSki, I also have collected a lot of ski jackets over the years, and I think this is the nicest one of all. And the warmest, by far. 


I'm wearing the Black Iris version of the jacket. The powder skirt is detachable, but not today!


See how nicely the hood fits over my helmet. I love how the jacket fits all around -- it makes me look proportional and not at all like "the jacket is wearing me."


The Stio Shot 7 Down Jacket is now on sale for $385.

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