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Haglofs - going down hill? Major fail!

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Read before your buy - Haglofs kit not worth the money and appalling customer service:


Anyone else had a bad experience with Haglofs? I recently had a very bad experience with a Haglofs Skra Q Gore-tex ski jacket and pants which wore very badly. To cut a long story short after 3 months they looked like they had 3 seasons wear at least. I live in the Alps and hence have quite a bit of gear so know what is normal wear and tear. The products were washed and reproofed according to manufacturers instructions using nickwax products and I washed the #Haglofs jacket and a Marmot jacket ( purchased at the same time and same colour) together. After washing the #Marmot jacket was lovely and crisp with that gore-tex rustle. The Haglofs jacket in comparison flapped around like a wet tissue. 

Over the next couple of months the Haglofs jacket and pants faded in the sun dramatically and when I fell in deep powder with a kitkat in the pocket, the corners of the kitkat came right through the pocket making 2 holes. 

After complaining to Haglofs they asked me to return the jacket for inspection. There then followed a farcical series of contacts between myself and their customer services because I just never heard back from them. I received every excuse under the sun from staff issues to a directr saying he was away because he got married so didn't get back to me!


Finally they deceided they would not uphold my complaint saying that the jacket had seen considerable wear!!!! Which was exactly why I complained because it looked like it did even though I hadn't worn it a lot! 

Incredibly that was almost a year ago and they still haven't returned my jacket - so I am now doubly out of pocket -they took my money and kept my jacket. 

The set was extremely expensive and I am gutted. I can only conclude from the whole sorry affair that Haglofs have gone the way several other previously technical ski brands have gone - right down punter alley and are now producing fashion items rather than quality outdoor wear.


Interested to hear your views on this.

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Would be helpful to provide some photos as well as how many days use; but sounds like inexcusable customer service.

Btw, GoteTex is actually a polymer membrane that must be adhered to another fabric (hence the expression 2 layer or 3 layer jackets). What you see as wear is actually the outer fabric, not the GoreTex.
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Purchased from a retailer, not mail order?     Talk to the shop you purchased  from about your experience.  

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Hi  and thanks - useful to know!

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Hi - yes I have done this. The story is actually much longer and involved than I have written here I have been corresponding with the store where I purchased it for over a year - although it has often been one way as the only way I seem to get a reply from them is if I write to them publicly via social media - if I email them direct,they just don't bother replying.


I have actually written a blog about the experience - not sure if you are allowed to post links here, so please feel free to delete it if it is not permitted, but anyone interested can read full details here http://www.mountainaction.net/#!Haglofs-Complaint-or-bendoverwhileweshaftyou-as-I-prefer-to-call-them-Read-before-you-buy/ho5lh/56be06830cf2062bd420127d


You can also see photos of the fading.


Thanks for getting in touch!

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No chance this is a fake Haglofs?
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Did you take it back to the retailer that you bought it from?  Warranty claims always go better when a retailer sends them in.


Although, when my Flylow Quantum delaminated I gave them a call and had it in the mail that afternoon.

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Tell GoreTex, I'm under the impression they supposedly approve fabrics manufactures use with their products.

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Originally Posted by Caucasian Asian View Post

Did you take it back to the retailer that you bought it from?  Warranty claims always go better when a retailer sends them in.

Yes, she did.
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Originally Posted by sibhusky View Post

No chance this is a fake Haglofs?

Real head scratcher for sure.    If we sprained our brains we might be able to concoct some insane scenarios where the jacket and pants were QC rejects that were mistakenly sent out - but fake sure would fit better.    Fake would even help explain Haglofs' attitude - but not the retailer's.  



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The retailer is not going to admit it's a fake.
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It definitely wasn't a fake. They did not have the right size / colour in stock when I visited the store so they ordered it direct from Haglofs for me  and it was posted direct from Haglofs to my home address. I just paid the retailer - but he filled in the order via their online ordering system direct with Haglofs whilst I was standing beside him.


This is why the whole thing is such a mystery - every other piece of Haglofs kit I have had has been fantastic. This was a disaster andlet me and them down and with such a reputable company Ijust can't understand why they are refusing to do anything about it. Other people have written to me saying Haglofs have replaced zips etc etc on clothing long after the 3 year warranty has run out. I made my first complaint to the Haglofs when I had this jacket just a few monthsbut the reatiler decided that as I work in the ski industry proffessionaly that the jacket that the jacket had been subjected to overuse. Are they saying their gear isn't fit for pro's?

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I don't work in the industry, but skied 552 days in my last jacket. Eddie Bauer. It's end was due to wear by my boot bag on the right side.
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A product wearing poorly is not usually something you can do much about, except not buy in the future, the exception being buying from a retailer that has a no questions asked return policy--there are some in the US although they are starting to back off the policy due to abuse. The company not returning your jacket is beyond unconscionable. I wouldn't give up on that. Hopefully your retailer can help you complain higher up the food chain. And if they lost it maybe you'll wind up with a new jacket in the end.

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It sounds like Haglofs is unlikely to come through. Brands come and go in terms of what they deliver. Has Haglofs seen a change of ownership or management?


I think your spouse is on the right track. For my .02: Norrona Lofoten GoreTex Pro... or if you want a jacket that is a bit tougher (the Lofoten does trade durability for weight and size a little bit), slightly heavier, and less pack strap friendly - Norrona Narvik. Sweet seems to make some nice stuff too - but fit is worse for me so I have never used it.

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