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Ski resale values

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Hey guys,  I have a couple pair of skis that I'd like to sell, but I'm new to ski gear and am unsure what a fair asking price would be.  Any suggestions or advice would be welcome.


I have Atomic SL II M, 165 with Atomic Race bindings & Atomic LT II M, 170 with matching Atomic binding (I assume an Alpine style binding).  Skis have been used obviously, but have very little wear and appear to be in great condition.


I'll try to upload pics.

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Both are ten years old. Close to $zero, no matter the usage. Could be some Atomic fan somewhere, but you have to find each other. Or, start a fence.
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The SL11 was a very good ski, in its day, and was made for several years. Atomic made three skis that were closely related; SL11, LT11 and ST11, all three with about 11m turn radius, IIRC, but different characteristics, I've skied the SL11 and own the ST11. They all had system bindings and they were all quite heavy.
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People would probably buy them for the bindings. The yellow slaloms are worth little but those are desirable bindings,10-18's with aluminum heelpiece.....good used ones go for probably $100 or even a bit more on ebay. The blue gs is actually a pretty good ski and those look to be in good condition. Trouble is, it's an old race ski and only 170's.....the large majority of women/girls who'd ski that length don't want a race ski, even one that easy, and racers want newer stuff. The bindings are nice and clean. Because it looks to be in such good condition I'd guess that set maybe $80 or so on someone who wants them.
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