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Originally Posted by Just Rip It View Post

Hmm, Just placing the ski in it's respective position realative to our favorite switchblades....

Nor was I making any form of recommendation-

Don't see this as worth your red marker -Sir
Context, Boss it is all about context. Why reference the FIS Ski in your post then?
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The current FIS models don't have the Double Deck thing (the SL models, that is). 



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Lots and lots of responses, thank you gents! I gather both edge and d2 are good options so I am happy smile.gif
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What replaced the Atomic redster ST?  Was thinking of picking these up for a heavily groomed hill "Nakiska" in Alberta. These are going for very <$ . These 2014 are going for around $300 canadian at a local ... 

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@bober02, I would strongly caution you against buying the Redster Doubledeck 3.0 SL without demoing, indeed, I'd caution you against that ski generally, because its integrated binding employs a very unusual technology called RAMP Tech, which causes the delta of the binding to be significantly increased when the ski is heavily pressured, i.e., in the belly of the turn.   More specifically, RAMP Tech appears to be simply a ramp under the heel piece that is higher towards the rear.  Thus, as the ski flexes, which forces the heel piece backwards, the height of the heel piece is raised.  It thus imparts an added ramp angle that's in proportion to how deeply the ski is flexed.  In accomplished skiers the maximum flex, and thus RAMP Tech's maximum delta, would occur at/near the apex of the turn. 


For most of us, there is a certain delta at which we are optimally balanced, and you don't want that to be changing through the turn.   I know an accomplished skier that tried RAMP Tech and reported the feeling was disconcerting — he felt the binding pitched him forward, forcing him to drop backwards (the last thing he wanted to need to do at that point in the turn) to regain balance.  It's my understanding it's Atomic's idea of a "skiing aid" to help keep recreational skiers who haven't developed proper fore-aft balance from getting into the back seat (which is one of the reasons it's not on their RD [race dept.] skis).  To my mind, that's a bad approach: If you already have the fore-aft balance, RAMP Tech will mess up your technique.  And if you don't, RAMP Tech will hinder you from developing it.  Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think most coaches would want their developing junior races to be on RAMP Tech.


As @Cheizz points out, Atomic has ditched the Doubledeck on their 2017 FIS* SL ski; not sure whether that means that the RAMP Tech is gone as well.  Describing all their FIS skis (SL and GS) as a group, they do say they use RAMP Tech (https://shop.atomic.com/en-us/alpine/skis.html).


*FIS is used here by Atomic as a marketing term; again, as mentioned above, their true RD skis don't use Doubledeck.

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