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Another "what boot to get" question...

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I am ready for a pair of new boots and went to see the local ski shop (& boot fitter) that I trust, but what was recommended to me was not "acceptable" to me so am looking for some advice.
A bit of "history" of how I get to asking here... I am in a pair of Tecnica RacePro 100, BSL 277mm (I think that's size 24). It is a very tight fit and a LOT of work went into making it fit (punch the toes, ankle, grinding the tongue, ...), and it is a royal pain to get in & out off, and it is a little temperamental in that it feels too snug sometimes, and it hurts if I have to walk or stand in them (instead of skiing). I am ready for something a little more comfy.
The shop is recommending the Tecnica Mach 1 105 W(omen) MV but I simply can't stand the color and didn't like the feel of the liner (he's also recommending a custom Boot Doctor liner plus BoosterStrap for fit/performance and look but of course $$$$ ).
We started with the Mach 1 130 MV size 24.5 (I think the BSL was 285mm). When we did the shell fit, it has ~3/4" room and it did feel too big. Then we moved onto the ladies Mach 1 105 LV size 4/4.5, BSL 280mm. The shell size is good, but the boot fitter recommends the MV instead - in size 23.5 with a BSL of 275mm. He suggested that this is a better fit since it give me a little more width & volume which will give better circulation, warmth, ...
I didn't have a chance to confirm why the LV is not good but after coming home, I understand there is a Mach 1 R 130 LV in size 4 (smaller than 24.5 I presume). So wanted to find out if it can work? Or... what other boots should it consider? I had been looking at Lange RX-120, Nordica GPX-110, Rossi AllSpeed Pro 120, ...
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worth seeing how the other options feel as well, (if you can find them) but go with the tightest, smallest shell you can find, and be ready to spend some time getting it made bigger where needed


can you just add new liners to the shells you have?

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Thanks for the reply & suggestions.


In the end, I was able to try on a pair of Mach 1 110LV and Lange RX-130 LV both in 24.5. Both end up feeling a little big. Shell fit also indicates on the big side. The store/boot fitter has a pair of Lange RS110 SC in size 23.5 that I ended up buying.


I didn't consider new liner for my boot because as I ski a few more times with them this year, I start getting a black toe and my shin starts to hurt - never happen in the last few years. Hence seal my desire for a new pair of more comfy boot.


Out of the box, I don't have any pain or major pressure points though the boot fits even tighter (new liner?) than my existing boot. I have a little less toe room as well. Only ski a few hours in them now but was surprised about the "directness" - feels more responsive than my old boot. Didn't think it can make such a big difference until I experienced them.


Haven't adjusted cant / cuff alignment, which is off since I ran out of time last time. Hopefully it will feel even better after.



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