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Freeride/park skis

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Buying my first pair of park skis. I am A CAUTIOUS advanced intermediate skier 6'0 180lb. I am wanting to buy skis I can grow into just playing in the terrain park. I'm looking at 176 or 181 cm. I'm leaning to 176 cm and HEAD THE CADDY ATOMIC INFAMOUS or ARMADA AR7. Any thoughts and experience would be much appreciated.
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It really doesn't matter.   You'll trash the first pair you get in absolutely no time.     Short is good, easy to spin is good, light weight is good.     All-mountain flex is bad. 

Think about pads and stuff- there will be awkward falls. 

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In general, CAUTIOUS and park skiing do not go well together. I have had the bruises and sprains to prove it. 

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NFX Labs. Or Caddy
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