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Louise & Sunshine ; You can't go wrong ; Photo's worth a thousand words Tks. SS

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I've been all over the western U.S. but never to Alberta. This may have to be my new GoTo bec it's a direct flight from Montreal to a vehicle and you're there...... no losing my skis anymore! YEAH!!!!!!!!!

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Nice day at Sunshine today. No new snow, and some areas were a bit wind affected, but the dive was mostly soft and the South Chutes on Goats Eye skied great in the afternoon sun!


Bluebird day!


I'll be there tomorrow as well if anybody wants to meet up.



Posing with my dad near the top of Bye Bye Bowl. Assiniboine in the background.


Girlfriend hikes out of the dive. Our first dive lap of the season!

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holy crap that'd what DD looks like from below?  My friend trying to get me to go there.  This photos just ended that conversation.  I am wussing out!  I don't need 6 months in a body cast.

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I was there today too @manchester81 ! Yeah, no new snow but still some nice spots on goats eye. Also did bye bye bowl. It was an amazing bluebird day. It is supposed to snow all next week!
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Originally Posted by dakels View Post

holy crap that'd what DD looks like from below?  My friend trying to get me to go there.  This photos just ended that conversation.  I am wussing out!  I don't need 6 months in a body cast.

We're walking out of the dive area after a bit of a traverse. You don't ski the area shown in the background, it's a permanent closure smile.gif
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I'll be there today! Canmore is stunning,by the way!
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Wasn't able to hook up with @ADKS today, it's always a bit tough to meet on the hill. :(


Still had a great day. Morning snow was a bit sun affected on most of the mountain, but the Lookout area was better. The Dive was still full on winter chalk, and a pleasure to ski. Afternoon on Goat's Eye was spring skiing in the sun. South Chutes were a blast!



GF enjoying some turns near in the lower portion of the Dive. Goat's Eye is in the Background.


GF working on her goggle tan in one of the South Chutes in Goat's Eye.


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Had a blast today. Spot on report by @manchester81. Mostly firmish groomers off of wawa and Standish in the morning with my daughter. Went to Angel and Divide while she was snacking, then snuck to Goats Eye at the end of the day. Not sure what I skied, but some of the ungroomed to the right off lift. Soft spring conditions. The views were incredible.
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see you in 2 days!  Refresh snow on the way!  

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Today was interesting. Was raining in town and all the way up to parking lot. Gondola ride turned from rain to snow at top. Clouds came in and out, with some dramatic light. Visibility ranged from good to awful. An inch or two of new snow overnight and snow over the course of the day, but much was frozen underneath on the ungroomed. The groomed trails on goats eye were skiing really well. The chutes not so much. Even without new snow it was terrific. If we get a bunch of new snow, it will be great.
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@ADKS check out the forecast for Thursday night:

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@albertanskigirlJust in time for us weekenders!


Disappointing yesterday wasn't so hot. The south faces on goat's eye will be crunchy unless they warm up or get some fresh. (Thursday?)


How long will you be in Alberta @ADKS ?

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We're leaving Saturday. Today was nice. I broke away from the group and did a couple of laps in the south side chutes. Soft and warm today. Was gray and cloudy in town, but beautiful up at the lifts.
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Weekend is here!
Looks like the forecasted storm was a bit of a dud, but hopefully the dusting will freshen thibgs up a bit.

I'll be at ssv today and likely 2 more times between Saturday and Monday.
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Originally Posted by manchester81 View Post

Weekend is here!
Looks like the forecasted storm was a bit of a dud, but hopefully the dusting will freshen thibgs up a bit.

I'll be at ssv today and likely 2 more times between Saturday and Monday.
Total dud! All it did was get everyone from Calgary to drive on up. I was spoiled the previous 5 days, but hadn't counted on Good Friday being such a huge ski day for the masses. Parking and shuttle buses were really frustrating, but not too crowded once up on the hill. Conditions were actually better yesterday. Glad I went yesterday, because we almost took off to rest up for the powder day Friday! Things were pretty firm today, but lots of nice spots. Sun never came out long enough to soften things up, particularly on Goats Eye. Snow and clouds kept on blowing in and out, with periods of deep blue skies. Hard refrozen with dust on top in the south side chutes. Once was enough for today.

Too bad I wasn't able to meet up with anyone, but perhaps another time. Flying home tomorrow.
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Hope you had a good trip!

Your description of Friday was dead on. Busy, and pretty crusty. Things have been pretty warm lately, and it just didn't get there on Friday.
We found really nice snow in the Dive (high, north facing), but even in late afternoon, the southside chutes were crusty. The crust was moveable, but we needed to ski it pretty hard. Tough work!

Photo from the day:
Me enjoying some wide open turns in the lower dive

Saturday was pretty similar, but the southside chutes were a bit better in the afternoon. Started the day with highspeed cruisers on the courderoy on Goat's Eye, moved to the dive when it opened, and ended on the South Side of Goat's Eye. Again, the best snow was in the dive, but it was skiing faster than on Friday. Parking lot and road parking was full, and the ski-out was a bit of a gong-show

Photo of the day:
GF exiting the choke on one of the chutes

On Sunday we decided to escape the crowds and do an easy tour. Skied out of the Sunshine base to Healy Pass and then played around on the backside of Wawa. Snow was nice up high, but the Healy Creek trail was a luge run for our exit. Views were spectacular though.

Photo of the day:
GF skinning up mellow terrain near the summit of Healy Pass. The Monarch in the background.

With no new snow, we decided to sleep in on our holiday monday and went for an afternoon hike instead of skiing. The predicted storm tracked South and Castle received 50cm in 24 hours. Wish I could have called in sick today!

I'll be back at it on the weekend.
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For anybody still following, a trip report from this weekend:



It's warm out there!

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Another weekly update. 


Skied Sunshine on Saturday and Sunday. Making good use of these spring passes.




Saturday was a bit of a downer. It started off warm, really warm! We still had an overnight freeze, and the skiing was pretty unpleasant until 11, but things soon turned to mush on anythng below 7,500 feet. In early afternoon, the sky clouded over a bit, and while upper slopes soften, they never really reached corn level. The Dive remained closed all day, as did the South Side chutes...but it has been a couple of weeks since I have seen these open. 


On another note, Sunshine's "run status" reporting has been atrocious. There are a number of runs that seem to be closed for the season. Some, such as lower Canyon, Hell's Kitchen and middle Free Fall have serious coverage issues. Sunshine claims they are all open, but closed temporarily for avy related reasons. I think if a run is closed before the day starts, and is not scheduled to open, it should be reported this way. Lake Louise, just down the road, does a much better job reporting open/closed status. I know marketing departments want to paint a rosy picture, but customers want honesty.



Feeling very tired from a long week, I just wasn't into the marginal conditions with limited terrain. I took an extended lunch, cruised a bit in the afternoon, and headed home just after 3, which is pretty early for me. On the drive home I was thinking this might be my last weekend skiing. With the warm weather, the mountains around canmore and in the Kananaskis Valley are almost completely dry. Time to move onto summer activities? I had agreed to meet a friend on Sunday, so I would re-evaluate after the weekend.





What a difference a day makes!


Blue Skies, cooler temps and the Dive was open again.


As usual, the best snow was high in the dive. It was skiing fast, but still wintry. We took our first lap in the main chute (down the stairs), but then focused on the newly reopened Bre-X line. Bre-X is a longer, steeper shot that can be accessed without an air. Unfortunately, the entrance can be ruined by side slippers. If you want to ski, SKI IT! Patrol has been lecturing about side slipping for a while now. Let's hope the public catches on.


Lower Dive had some serious sun crust in the AM, but was good for our last lap. Fortunately, it is easy down there.


After the dive closed at 2, we took a late lunch and then lapped divide, which had transitioned to perfect corn. Coverage up here is still great!


The skiout is in really bad shape. with dirt covering half of the run in spots. Without a lot of snow nearby for patching, I would be surprised if it lasts the week.


Pics from the day.


I'm enjoying the dive, about midway down. Main Chute




Bre-X entrance.



GF partway down Bre-X. It's a steep shot!



GF making a turn about halfway down.



Outside the dive at the end of the day. Buddy enjoying soft spring snow in the Bye-Bye Bowl. The mighty Assiniboine in the background.

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