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Frame Bindings

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I purchased a new pair of skis yesterday; the ON3P Wrenegade 112s (176cm).

At this point all that's left for me to buy are the bindings. I was initially looking at the Salomon Guardian 16 or 13 however after much consideration, and the fact that my skis are already quite on the heavy side, am hesitant to go through with it.

I'm looking for Frame Bindings since I already have my boots (Dalbello Il Moro 26.5) and don't want to invest in new boots for Tech bindings. Any recommendations for good frame bindings which are lighter?



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I think the Tyrolia Ambition 12 binding is about as light as it gets.  The Wrenegade is an excellent ski but not what I would choose for BC skiing.  If I was going to use an ON3P ski it would be the Steeple 102.  We have a lot of BC skiers as customers and I can't think of any of them using a ski as wide as 112mm, most are on 90-100mm seriously lightweight skis.

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Thanks a lot. I have been thinking a lot about that and whether I should commit to AT bindings considering I'll be BC skiing 5-10% of my time. I think I'm better off buying skis for BC or even renting when the time comes and keeping the wrenegades for everything else.

With that said, any normal bindings you can recommend that would be light?

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Looks like I'm gona go for the FKS 140 (115 mm)

I was between that and the Salomon STH 16

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That is not a Back Country or Side Country binding. Therefore no skinning or climbing.

The advantage of a plate type BC/SC binding is that it can accept both alpine boots for resort skiing and AT boots for BC/SC skiing.

I have the Tyrolia Adrenaline (plate) binding. Great for in resort charging as well as the occasional side trek.

However, your boots have no walk mode and are no good for BC/SC. If you bought a plate BC binding you would still need new boots (ie with walk mode).
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Hey Joe, Yeah I'm no longer looking at BC bindings at this point given that it wouldn't make much sense to set them up on my wrenegades + my Il Moro boots. So until I get some proper BC skis I guess I'll have to go with the FKS 140

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When I started bc skiing, many years ago, I used alpine boots, and I did many steep objective in them.

And as far as saying 112 skis are no good for bc, I'm on the 112 vwerks katana and they are fantastic, both on firm and soft snow.

Don't worry about the might be a bit slower on the way up, but blow by everyone on light skis on the way down
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