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So there are these three dogs in a veterinarian's office, see? and they're talking. One dog says to the other, "What are you here for?" (Dogs LOVE to dangle their prepositions) Other dog says, "I'm a barker. I bark at everything - the mailman, the moon, flowers, sometimes I bark at nothing at all. I'm here to be castrated. What are YOU here for?" (Dangle) First dog says, "I'm a pisser. I piss on EVERYthing - fire hydrants, furniture, peoples legs. I'm also here to be castrated. (Turns to the third dog)What are YOU here for?" (Dangle) Third dog says, "I'm a humper. I hump EVERYthing - dogs, furniture, peoples legs. There's NOthing I don't hump. Just the other day, my mistress got out of the shower, she was naked of course, she bent over, and I humped HER." First dog says, "So, you're here to be castrated, too." "Well, no," the third dog syas, "I'm here to get my toenails trimmed."