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An old skiing term: "Flitch-slam?"

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For years my Dad had some artwork in his office; it depicted a poor XC/backcountry skiier getting "flitch-slammed" (spelling?)


Basically, it's the unfortunate set of circumstances when your pole gets hung up on a tree/shrub behind you and you are lofted into the air, shaken violently, and slammed down to the ground.


Has anybody else heard this term or something similar? IS there really a word for this, or was his artwork fabricated? He's long gone and I never did find the painting...


and yes I joined just to ask this question since a google search didn't work. I'm an avid XC skiier but nobody has heard of this.

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Welcome Martin. 


I have done that but never heard the term before.

Just thought of it as one more memorable way to biff it.

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Never heard the term, but have experienced it and that is why I do not use the straps on my poles.

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AKA shoulder dislocation

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Sounds like a very local use of the word 'flitch'.   

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