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Silverton 2/14/16

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My son and I have been wanting to ski Silverton for awhile and finally got the chance this past weekend.


I'm sure everything has already been written that needs to be written about Silverton, but I will add a few of our thoughts.


We were in a "moderate" group. Everyone in our group was a good skier and had good fitness. They labeled us the Wasatch moderate group because almost everyone was from the SLC area.


No new snow for 2 weeks prior led to the dreaded 'variable' conditions (according to our guide). We had a little bit of everything.


We got 4 runs in. The first run we hiked up to the summit at 13,400 ft. That took about 1.25 hours. It was well worth it, despite the time. Some of the bootpack was pretty sketchy, especially with alpine boots. Touring boots with a vibram sole would have been much better. The last few hundred feet were pretty steep and had a fixed rope in place. On the other 3 runs, we averaged hiking about 15 minutes to get to each run. 


We really didn't ski anything I would consider extreme on this day. Alot of potential extreme lines all around you, however. Skiing off the summit, we had to pick our way down through rocks at the top. Some tight north facing gullies and trees were fun and had the best snow. 


We saw alot of people quitting early. In our group, we lost one guy after 2 runs. I think the altitude is the main reason.


Our general experience was overall positive. Our guide was friendly and knowledgeable. He did try to find us the best snow.The operation seemed well run. Different than regular ski areas, obviously. Probably the main selling point is the lack of people where you are skiing. Not sure how many skiers are on the mountain during a guided day, but we counted at least 75+ pairs of skis at the base in the morning. We never had another group skiing near us all day. Would love to go back in powder conditions.




Top of lift looking at summit peak.


Bootpack train



Near the summit


My kid on top



The infamous bus with our north woods line in the background

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Did the heli fly at all Sunday?

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Yes. It was flying all day. The heli accessed terrain looks very nice.
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I've been wanting to ski Silverton for a while. Was there still decent pow to be found at all? Considering going unguided this April.
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