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Has anyone skied new Enforcer and Ranger 98ti?

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I am wondering if anyone out there has skied both the new Enforcer and the Ranger 98ti? I have seen a lot of exciting reviews and discussion about the new Enforcer, and I like the reviews on the Fischer Ranger 98ti. I am 5'8" (173cm), 145 pounds. As suggested by my handle, I like to turn a lot. I am looking for a replacement for 2009 Fischer Watea 94 178cm, 21m radius, for back side powder ski (Japan)..... and in case you're wondering - I don't want a wider (than 100mm) specialised powder ski, because I like to be IN the powder, not skimming over the top at mach 2 speed.

My front side ski is Atomic Blackeye 2012 174cm. I love this ski. The early rise tip makes them extremely versatile to make any turn shape I like.

Anyway, I'd love to hear from anyone who has skied both skis. I've really enjoyed the Wateas, but I'd like a little more nimble at times, especially when the snow is a little heavier. The Enforcer might suit me better with lower 16.5m turn radius @177 compared to the Ranger 18m, although the tapered tip and tail plus rocker might largely negate the technical difference here. I am concerned that the ranger@180cm might be a touch long, but I like the descriptions of silky smooth in soft conditions, and the tip rocker profile looks more gradual which might account for the good comments of highly nimble in the trees. I love tree skiing.

Many reviewers comment on the light weight of the Rangers At 1.85kg, but my Watea's are 1.95kg, and the Enforcers are 1.99, so there is not much in it.

At the moment I can get the Ranger for about half the price of the Enforcer. I am not in a big hurry - I won't get to use them till next season, so I can wait for the spring sales, but the Enforcer is so popular, I think there is a high risk that if I wait for the sales, I'll miss out.
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I skied the new Enforcer 93 for a few runs, and the Ranger 98 on several occasions (I own a pair).  Found the Enforcer to be a bit nicer, more pliable in bumps, drifted from turn to turn well. The Ranger seemed to be quicker, a bit stiffer in the tip, and a bit more engaged when on edge.  Both skied well.  Unfortunately, I didn't test them back to back, but have positive impressions of both.

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The Ranger I found to be a bit better of an all-around ski, especially in trees. The Enforcer I skied at the last show had decent power, but felt very chattery and "skittery", the ski just didn't feel damp enough. The Enforcer feels like a lively ski, but for me I wanted something a bit more grounded, that would inspire more confidence.

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