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In advance my apologies for my English, it is not my native language.


I am considering buying my own gear instead of borrowing from my friends, and I want a hybrid backcountry and slope set-up.


I am 80 Kg’s (176 lbs) and roughly 1,80 meters (5,9 feet) tall.

In the slopes, I usually go off piste in wooded terrain, or mess around on small jumps in the park. I rarely ski on the prepped downhill-style snow. Because of this, I want a playful setup with good agility at medium to low speeds.

I have extremely limited experience with backcountry (randonee) skiing


I was thinking about the following set-up, but since I know nothing about gear, I do not know if the skis would be suitable for backcountry skiing, or if the parts are even compatible.

If anyone could point me towards a climbing ski skin that is compatible with this, I would be very thankful.




Skis (177 size)

Boots (something similar, I figure it would be wise going to a local shop to try some on)



I am thinking about getting the set-up above, with goals of playful skiing in the slopes, and back-country (randonee/climbing) skiing,

-          - Are the skiis to heavy/not suitable for backcountry skiing?

-          - Are the bindings suitable for both slope style skiing and back country skiing?

-          - I am 80 Kg’s (176 lbs) and roughly 1,80 meters (5,9 feet) tall