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Homewood Parking this week

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Any one know if we'll be able to park at Homewood Wednesday?

I understand the lots are small, but others say they don't get crowded mid-week (though this is a holiday week).


Also if any one has advice on this plan, please let me know.


We're a mixed group with several rank beginners and a couple intermediate to advanced. We have a condo slopeside at Tahoe Donner. We're going to hit Homewood Wednesday mainly because it may be very windy and it's supposed to be good for that plus some of our group need to economize and the tickets are way cheaper.


Then with the storm Wednesday night into Thursday morning, we'll probably stay at Tahoe Donner to avoid driving.


Finally, Friday we'll hit Sugar Bowl or maybe Northstar depending on traffic/crowds, both of which I'd like to avoid.

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Haven't been to Tahoe in a while.  Went to Homewood on a Sat from Tahoe City and arrived around 8am.  The small lot (closer to Tahoe City) was full by 8:30 as I remember.  With a group, always worth while to try to get them out the door early if you want good parking and to have a chance at being ready to ski when the lifts open.


Homewood has two bases.  One is not the best idea for a group that includes beginners.

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Just to circle back on this. The parking lot never filled up all day. Could've been because it was raining some on the lower mountain.


Parking at Sugar Bowl Friday was very crowded at 11am. No big surprise there on President's day week after the big storm. Wednesday night/Thursday dumped over 2 feet.


We were able to find a spot 100 yards from the gondola and it was a piece of cake to walk and ride the gondola. Despite the crowd, we had no lift lines all day and powder conditions.

Lodges were crowded but we didn't spend much time there except to warm up when it was snowing hard.

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