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Soul 7 vs 100Eight vs Sick Day 110 vs Deathwish

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I am an advanced skier,  47, 6'1", 175 lbs, skiing in CO on all terrain (including greens with my kids) 20 days a year.  I have just decided on 180 cm Blizzard Brahmas as my front side ski (coming from 187 Salomon Xscreams from 2000!). Now I need to find their companion for the backside - MJ and Eagle Wind trees, Vasquez Cirque, back bowls at Vail, Copper Bowl, and (especially!) Alberta lift at Wolf Creek.


I skied the 188 Soul 7 the Sunday before the Super Bowl in 10" of new on top of a solid base at Winter Park and LOVED them in the MJ trees, Eagle Wind, and even over in the trees on Vasquez Ridge.  I'm an old school skier who doesn't know what a slarve or slash or surfy feel is.  My research tells me that the four skis listed are candidates.


The Soul 7s were great until I got on the skied up runs in Vasquez Ridge where they were (obviously) not as good at carving through the shallow rough.  Will any of the other three be better there without sacrificing the ease of turning in the trees and in soft snow?  I have read the SD110 is more directional.  The 100Eight is reverse camber.  The Deathwish is just weird, but Blister seems to love it.


Any advice would be welcomed.  I used to think I wanted a ski to help me more and be more forgiving, but I completely overpowered the Dynastar Powertrack 89, but loved the Brahma.  So I likely want to be driving my ski in the soft, but would be willing to have to finesse it more if it means having effortless turning in the trees.  I have NEVER been as confident in the trees as I was on the Soul 7s.  In fact, I go so comfortable I broke through from looking at the trees I needed to avoid to looking for the openings where I was going to ski.  I even tried to get through a less-than-shoulder-width gap and ripped my jacket sleeve!


Will one of the other three skis be better for me than the Soul 7s?  OR maybe I should wait for the Soul 7 HDs?



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I demo'd the 100Eights (173, as I am 5'8" and 140#) a couple of weeks ago at WP/MJ as an eventual replacement for my Gotamas and loved them. I feel that they are better in every way than the Goats, and the Goats are my all time favorite ski for the 30+ years I've been at this obsession. I was able to take them pretty much everywhere you mention in paragraph 2 above, in 8" of fresh transitioning to chop/crud (I was standing there when they dropped the rope at Pano). They are definitely better in chop than the Soul 7s, which I demo'd a couple of years ago in a couple of new inches on top of Deer Valley's vaunted groomers. I was trying to keep up with a friend at Mach speeds and found them to be too "twitchy". I felt like they would toss me into a yard sale fall at the slightest provocation. Now, that same "twitchy" feel would be interpreted by some as "responsive", so take that for what it's worth. My friend and I were having more fun than two adults should with the clouds puking snow and the other DVites in at lunch. I made a beeline back to the demo tent and switched out for my Goats after only two runs. Back on the Goats, the world order was restored. I suspect that my experience closely resembles what you state in paragraph 3 above. I am definitely buying a pair of 100Eights either this spring or next. You can demo them the next time you're up at WP/MJ as they have them in the demo shop, though I'm not sure what they have for longer length(s).


Can't speak to the Sick Days or Deathwishes. Sorry.


Edit: That same demo day last month at WP/MJ I took out a pair of Sin 7s in the afternoon to go into the bumps. Found them too twitchy, too. Must be some disconnect between me and the Rossi "S" skis as the rest of the skiing world seems to think they are the best thing since perforated toilet paper.

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Okay, I've been reading and asking and discussing and it now comes down to:


Soul 7, new Soul 7 HD, or 100Eight.  


The Deathwish (it is too different) and the Sick Day (it will be slower) are out.


Any other opinions?

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The Volkl 100Eight will be more like your traditional ski feel. It doesn't have a lot of tip rocker. It carves very well. Light but stiff, not overly damp. Not really lively, but not dead feeling either. It's a ski definitely worth demoing. 


There are other skis in that 106-110 waist width too that you might want to consider.


Atomic Automatic 109's

Fischer Ranger 108's

Dynastar Cham 107's

Salomon Rocker2 108's

Fischer Big Stix 110's

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I've put 7+ days in mixed conditions on both the Volk 100eight and the Rossi Soul 7.  Really liked the Soul 7, but absolutely fell in love with the Volk 100eight and ended up purchasing a pair.  I remain beyond smitten with each outing.


For me, it was the versatility of the ski.  Plenty of float for powder, surprisingly nimble in tight trees and bumps, and equally quick on groomed snow.  The ski never felt like it was trying to dictate my skiing style at any point.  Probably plenty of better options for specializing in powder, moguls, groomers, etc., but I've never skied a better potential one ski quiver to date.


Before this ski, I was more of an Elan, Salomon and Head guy.


I'm really trying to be unbiased, the Rossi Soul 7 is a really nice ski, but ultimately I'm not, I love these skis!  However, I always recommend demoing before buying as everyones style and goals are different, and plenty of shops will let you put that towards purchase price.

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To me, the Soul 7 wins over other skis mentioned in at least one area: float feel with ease of turns in smooth or deep powder, including in trees.  But you discovered its weakness in rough - any kind of rough and uneven.  I can ski it in rough chop/crud, but it's more work to keep it steady than a number of other skis.   I own the Super 7 - even better float, same problem with rough.   


Maybe the Soul 7 HD will be an improvement. 


Of the skis mentioned, I usually love Atomics, but the Automatic 109 is not my favorite. While it is a hero on resort powder - soft snow - days, it is meant to slarve & carve, and you need to like to slarve some of necessity rather than just hold an edge.


 (I've owned the Crimson 88, Ritual 103 and Auto 116, which all can do either - slarve if you want to, not because you have to.)


My favorite ski of the type in this thread has been the 184 Volkl V Werks Katana 112.  I demoed it for 6 runs in everything from groomers to 2+' of unbroken powder - chop, rough, bumps, trees, loved it. It is as fast in trees as the Soul 7, in my experience; and faster if things get rough.


(A few weeks later I bought last year's version (14/15), which is the same ski as the 15/16 except textured black instead of white, and cheaper.


I demoed the 100Eight a week after the Katana on a more groomer, no new snow day and, for me, didn't like it as well. These things can very much be a personal preference: for me, very quick.  Might have liked it more on the type of day I tried the Katana, but I skied the Katana on groomers also, and preferred its feel.  


The Katana has as good float as the Soul 7 and Super 7 even, and is as quick if you ask it to be - though it's not a slalom-type soft snow ski (like, say, the Nordica Patron).  It has more of a backbone than the 7s:  rough/chop doesn't bother it, usually (though it's not the battleship charger that the older, heavier Katana was).  The Katana also rails groomers well, and it skis well slow, which, to me, the older Katana didn't.    


Not sure what the 100Eight does in rough or deep conditions.  You'd have to demo it for yourself to see.   


(For reference, I'm 5'10", ~150; good skier, not elite.)

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Add the Fischer Big Stix 110 to the list. Those things rip for a off-piste ski.

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Hi pncguy,

That same Sunday you were in the trees I was at Vail hitting the bowls and blue sky. I was on the Blister/Bibby Pro in 190. based on your weight and being in the trees any thought to looking at the Bibby in a 184? The Bibbys are great in powder but really great after it turns to chop. I know at 118 under foot (190) this is wider than the other skis you are looking at but just a thought. Have to go back and look I think the 184 is 116.


I am real interested in seeing what Rossi does with that Soul 7 HD. Happy hunting. If nothing else the skis just keep getting better as manufactures keep tweaking camber, layup, and rocker profiles.


Back in the day I had a pair of 195 X-screams. darn good ski from that era.


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Ah, colospringsmike brings up what is perhaps important: My first ski bought new was a 200 cm Rossi 4s.  I loved it.  Next ski was a black/purple/pink K2 bump ski, which I promptly broke at Mary Jane.  A buddy of mine sold me his 191 cm Salomon XScreams for $50 and I never looked back.  I bought his shorter 187 XScreams for another $50, so that's been my favorite ski.  But now I have no more tunes left on them.


I opted to buy the 188 Soul 7s.  I loved them in the powder and trees, and that's all I really want them for.  The Brahams will do the rest.  I think coming from a 67 mm underfoot Salomon XScream, I'll have all my bases covered.

Thanks for all the feedback!  I will still likely demo the 100Eight and the Automatic 109.  The Bibby Pro is too wide for me, although I was considering the Deathwish - as I mentioned - but it was too weird.

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You are killing me, I had a pair of 193 Rossi 4sm circa 1993 had the green topsheet. The M stood for the mogul version of the 4s series. Still have em, leaning up against the wall in the rec room. Still have the marker select control bindings attached. In fact when I was assigned to Ft Carson in 1996 that was the ski I was on my first couple of seasons here in Colorado. We would hit the back bowls with those skinny skis and just be "rippin". Little did we know where we would be 20 years later. Enjoy the heck out of those Soul 7's Rossi is killin it with those just like they did with the 4s's back in the day.


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take a pair of those "legendary" skis out for a few runs for yucks, and see how far we've come.

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Originally Posted by bliz1978 View Post

Add the Fischer Big Stix 110 to the list. Those things rip for a off-piste ski.


I have a pair of 188 BS 110 that I would sell for a good price.

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Originally Posted by pncguy View Post

Okay, I've been reading and asking and discussing and it now comes down to:


Soul 7, new Soul 7 HD, or 100Eight.  


The Deathwish (it is too different) and the Sick Day (it will be slower) are out.


Any other opinions?

I demo'd all those this season (along with six other different pairs of skis) and ended up buying the Volkl 100eight in 181cm (I'm 5'8, 154pounds) amazing skis. 

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