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Just for oboe...

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We talked about this before.
On the right is a can of Caffreys. (440ml)
In the Middle is a bottle of Champagne (750ml)
But weighing in on the left, is the heavyweight beer champion of the world, at a cool 1.5l, i.e. 1500ml, or roughly 3 pints, yes, it is a flip top bottle of Grolsch, costing around $7.50, and currently chilling in my fridge.

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Heavyweight champ my ass....

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Yeah, but that is made to share.
The Grolsch is sold for individuals.

Let's face it, you're comparing a Greyhound bus with a Ferrari. The Greyhound is bigger, and has more torque, but would you rather be a bus driver or a Ferrari driver?


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I'll SEE you your Grolsch and Tucher and raise you my flip-top bottle of Fischers. Sorry, not computer literate enough to do the photos . . . but I can drink the brewski.
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I'll see your Grolsch and if it's still there when I get there I'll drink it too.

PS That's no threat me old china.
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