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First: I have absurdly wide feet. My existing Atomic boots are a fairly basic model, and I bought them when I was a totally different level of skier. I have custom footbeds, other than that, stock liner, and the shell has been pushed out a bit on the exterior parts of my foot because i just have super wide feet. I also am pretty bad about saying "oh this feels right" in a boot, and what doesn't. Tough to say when you're sitting inside not actually skiing! 


Anyways, the place I went is having a sale and they offered 3 options for my height (6'1) weight (185-190 - which they didn't ask), and weird foot size: Fisher Hybrid 10+ or 12+, Fischer Cruzaar, and Salomon X Pro 100. 


They didn't have the Salomons in my size so I couldn't try them. I tried the 12+ and the Cruzar - which are at totally different price points which was confusing to me as I told him I really wasn't worried about budget. The Cruzars actually fit slightly better off the bat, and the 12+ just generally felt tight (too tight) after 5-10 minutes. That said, since they offer a full vacuum fit, that seemed like a decent option still. The Cruzar, while more comfortable off the bat, only can offer vacuum on the bottom part of the foot and generally seemed like a lower performing boot overall. We also tried some Langes that were less customizable in fit so I wasn't as keen on them. They felt fine, but the Fisher Cruzar was better. 


I wasn't all that impressed with the boot fitter I was talking to so I was a little less motivated to buy - and he said that honestly he felt that i should wait until I could try the Salomons anyways. So I walked out and started doing some research.


I guess I have a few questions: 


1) Fischer vacuum fit (liner and shell) vs. ZipFits and SureFoot, etc. What are the overall opinions? One better than the other, totally depend on what you are looking for, etc.? 

2) I know all boot suggestions are really about what fits best, but does anyone have any thoughts on the 3 that were suggested to me? 


3) Cruzar vs. Hybrid 12+ - the Hybrid 12+ seems like the better boot for performance off the bat. But the Cruzar fit better off the bat. I was kind of still leaning to the 12+ though because of the customization options and higher performance. Is it wrong to think this way? I definitely want to be comfortable [within reason of course]!  


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