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This guy wakes up in the morning, looks through the window at his garden and sees a gorilla in the tree. At a loss on what to do, he goes to the Yellow Pages, leafs through until he finds the gorilla removal service and quickly dials for them. Half an hour later, the man from the GRS shows up, carrying a baseball bat, a Chihuahua dog, a pair of handcuffs and a gun.

'Right, here's what we do. I get up in the tree and whack the gorilla on the head with the bat; the gorilla falls out of the tree, the Chihuahua makes a dash to the gorilla's groin area and bites it hard, at that moment the gorilla will double up in pain and that's when you put the handcuffs on it and away we go'.

The guy thinks for a moment, then says 'What's the gun for, then?'

'Oh, that's in case I fall out of the tree before the gorilla - you gotta shoot the Chihuahua'.