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Winter Park Bumps instruction

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First EPICSKI post.


I'm an advanced skier, not expert.  I'd like to learn more and progress as a skier.


I was hoping to attend a Bob's Moguls camp in Winter Park this year, but the dates just don't work for me.


If I am in Winter Park (solo trip) March 15 and 16 (midweek), what would be the best way to spend those two days in the moguls?


Private lessons?  (EPIC ski forum searches suggest Rusty Guy and Bob Barnes, any others if they are not available?)

Group lessons and assume/hope there are other students who want to do bumps all day?

Something else?

Tried calling winter park ski school and keep getting voicemail.


Thanks in advance for your replies.



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I've been to Bob's Bump Jamboree (1 day clinic) twice and the three day Bob's Bump Camp once, which was last year. I actually scheduled a trip last month to coincide with another three day camp. However, for several reasons, one of which was the hassle one has to go through to catch two shuttle buses to get to The Jane side in time for camp, I decided to try my luck at a mid-week lesson. I was hoping to get a small class, or even a private. It turned out that I got a semi-private with just another very compatible student and me for the day. Now, I knew that going on Wednesday I'd have a pretty good shot at such a small turnout, but Mar 15-16 is in the middle of spring break, so much less probability for a similar break. You could give it a shot. On the other hand, if cost is no object, by all means sign up for a private. Since Bob is chief honcho of the school, I'm not sure he goes out on privates. I had him for the one day Jam and one day of the Camp, and he certainly is excellent. It does turn out that when I got Tom Hickock for the second and third days of the Camp, I learned a lot from him as well. He wasn't necessarily better than Bob, but I seemed to connect better with him and he had slightly different "tools" that he utilized. You could ask for him, or you could ask for Jan (I have his card at home and I will edit with his last name when I get home tonight) who I had last month. Both are very capable in the bumps and good teachers. 


BTW, I'm back at WP those dates. PM me if you want to get together for a few turns.

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thanks Cosmoliu,

As I re-read my post, I don't mean to sound like I'm inflating my ability by saying I'm advanced but can't ski bumps.  I'd say I'm pretty good, but can't ski bumps, so maybe that means I'm intermediate??  


regardless, didn't realize about spring break.  


I'll have to think about group vs private.  maybe one day private, one day group?


Tom or Jan would be just fine, just want somebody who is good and who I connect with, doesn't have to be the head honcho.


Thanks again.

I'll pm you about meeting up.



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Yeah, up until last year I had only skied WP during March spring break. Seems like every high schooler from Texas and Oklahoma goes to CO then. It's a completely different resort in January and February. Still, once you get to know the mountain, WP is great even when crowded.


My semi-private was with Jan Walor. He's Norwegian and a great guy. Hard to know what to say about class vs private. I guess you could go to the ski school line-up at 9:15 and if there's a mob, you could trade in your ticket toward a private. At least mid-week you'd have the best shot at it.


Don't apologize for how you rate your ability. I only in the last 5 years or so have really embraced the bumps, and it has added incredible depth to the rest of my skiing. I firmly believe that a good bump skier is a better all around skier. Someone around here has a quote in his signature line that goes something like: "It's not that you can't ski bumps... It's that you can't ski, and the bumps prove it." I think there's a lot of truth to that, and you're definitely moving in the right direction.

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As noted in previous posts, Bob Barnes is the ski school director, and may not be available for privates. He is a former member of the PSIA National Demo Team, and he enjoys teaching, but he often has other obligations. He is not the same Bob Barnes who contributes to Epicski. The Epicski Bob Barnes may be able to make some recommendations, though. Because he is a very active PSIA clinician, he'll know instructors all over the Rocky Mountains, including Winter Park.


WP/MJ has a quite a few good bump instructors, as you might expect. An internet recommendation, however, doesn't guarantee that a particular instructor will connect well with you. Some are young, some are surprisingly old. Communication styles differ, as do personal biases. An instructor who works well for me might leave you wondering if I'm out of my mind.


I think the mid-week suggestion is good. Class size will be small, and you get a chance to experience a particular instructor for a lot less money than a private will cost. If you like the instructor, you can then request him or her for a private.

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