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FS: Really Unique Spyder Reversibles: "Sasquatch", and quilted nylon. PERFECT, XL and Med.

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These are really unique. Unique enough that an industry friend who rep'd Spyder had never seen one.  Kind of hard to describe. They are reversible jackets. One side has an nice live colored quilted finish, kind of like the Spyder insulators of a few years ago. 


The other side is a nylon polyester, "fur".  My friends would call me "Sasquatch" when I'd show up at a kids race wearing it.  I'd have people asking me if it was a winter gorilla costume. I think you'll get the idea for the pictures. The back of the furry side has a light gray Spyder logo {the spyder} that's part of the fabric. They have hand pockets on each side {no zips} and on the quilted side, they have a zippered chest pocket. 


I bought one for me, the XL, and one for my wife, the Medium. The XL has been worn about 5-6 times. The Medium has been worn once, and not by my wife! The XL's now too big for me, even over a bunch of layers, and she's not wearing the medium. The Medium is a very generous cut, BTW, close to a Large. They are in PERFECT condition.


I know somebody NEEDS THESE!!!!


They weigh a ton, so please realize that in terms of shipping. 


I'd like $55 each, shipped. I'll sell both for $100, shipped. 


Please PM me with any questions, for details, more pictures, etc. Thanks!


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Bump. Check these out! Pretty unique. Take a look! 

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Obviously I can't merchandise! These are AWESOME, FUN and UNIQUE. We just need to clear out a lot of stuff as we're downsizing house and condo wise.


$50 each, $90 for both?  DO IT!!!!!!!!


I'd go less but they are bulky and shipping is not going to be cheap!

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Just needs gloves to match!
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Ha!!! Would have worked well with the WC speed gloves that I just sold! Actually "an exceptionally versatile jacket......"

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Not my style but if a Spyder rep had never "seen" one perhaps they aren't authentic Spyder but could perhaps be just another "clone" attempt?  Did the Spyder rep say that he had ever HEARD of such a jacket that was "officially" produced?

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They're authentic. No question there. I got them from a friend at Spyder, straight from Boulder. My reference to it being unusual is that another guy I know who repped for Spyder around that time hadn't seen one....so it wasn't a catalog item, for sure. That's not usual at all, actually.


I've seen two or three before.....and have actually seen a grayish/white one. 


But also not a knock off bought off the street. Real Spyder. Still manufactured in China, I imagine!


I sell a lot of "stuff" to the Epic community, and it's all very legit, and real-deal. No clones, sorry.

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That is possibly the weirdest jacket I've seen!
Muleski sells top notch stuff though. I wouldn't worry.
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Wait a minute....Sasquatch jacket, ski racing...this was you?? In Sochi!!

Monkey business for U.S., Canadian ski coaches in Sochi
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It's the Spyder Old Fred jacket.

I NEED the XL!!!!
I will take both.

Message sent!
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Sold and paid!!!
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Please post photos wearing in their natural environment.
Why "Old Fred"?
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To somebody with a true sense of style, and a great sense of humor!
PS...yes, they still are authentic.....
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I looked at your ad so many times.  Can't believe I didn't buy them !

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So excited!! Let the party start! Chicks will dig me even MORE!!!
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I'd recommend the highly-complimentary Beard Ski for the furry-side of the jacket:




That's me on the far right, somewhere near Villars, Switzerland !


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Nice photo though.
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Apparently it is a catalog item after all...



"What better way to rock spring style than with Old Fred! Old Fred has been part of Spyder history in various forms through the years and has become a favorite item of ski apparel flare AND function."


There is (or has been) a one-piece suit version, too.

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I've seen the one piece version....
If it's hunting srason you'd be in trouble.
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These two were the "early version" for sure.....Much less refined. It must have been the overwhelming success, and sightings at Eastern NorAms and FIS races that led to them rolling it into production in later years. 


Can't believe that so many passed up the opportunity. 


The beard is an interesting look, for sure.  

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I could not resist.
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Everyone's going to be wearing these???

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