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FS: Vintage Phenix Mens Jackets, unusual, great condition {one New} XL and Med. CHEAP.

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We're downsizing out of a pretty good sized ski house, where we have stored 35+ years of ski stuff. Among other things are these four Phenix jackets. Two are Mens XL, two are Mens Med. These were the absolute top quality at the time. Check these out. Great Retro wear, etc. I'll describe each one, along with pics. I can send more pics of every garment, if you PM me.


1. This is a two piece garment, with a vest that layers over a jacket. Incredibly versatile. Wear both, or just one or the other. This is an XL. The garment is the exact same as was issued to the Norwegian Alpine Team, but in different colors. Everything is the very best of quality: material, zippers, pockets, stitching. This retailed for about $800, in 1996. This has a really great fabric, with a somewhat rough finish. The black accent stripes have the Phenix script woven into them. 


I'd like $85, shipped {these are ALL heavy} for this one. It's barely been worn. Looks new. 





2.  This one is the same style, also an XL. The fabric is more traditional in texture. This one has beautiful stitching. It's been worn more, but it's in very nice condition. Has one tiny stain {looks like lift grease}, on the chest. The pics don't capture the colors. Really deep and rich red for example. Got many a compliment on this over the years. 


I'd like $60, shipped for this one:


3. This one is a Medium, and it's BRAND NEW, as in NEVER WORN. We bought this at the Starting Gate, near Stratton, when we were there for one of our kids' races. The bought it for our son to grow into, and he basically blew right by it size wise. It's the top jacket made in that year, which we think was 1998. The retail was over $1000. Full disclosure, we bought it at a big sale. 

This is the nicest Phenix garment that we've ever seen. The detail is incredible. The best of everything. The fabric is awesome. The Red has a subtle Phenix logo/lettering throughout it. The black is a textured coarse material with a neat texture. The stitching is really stunning. This one has a zip off hood. Same design as the two above, with the vest over the jacket. It's a ouch longer than the other two, a bit below the waist. If it fit anybody in our house we'd keep it. We've never seem another.....nor has the long time Phenix rep that we know. 


I'd like $100, shippedfor this one:  SOLD PENDING PAYMENT!!!!!!!



4. This one is the jacket that Rossignol provided to their race reps around 1999-2000. It's a Medium as well. Our son was a Rossignol skier, and he one of their guys sold us the jacket {obviously breaking the rules! Haha!}. This one is a one piece garment, but the sleeves zip off to make it a vest. Nice hood, great features. Great details. This one has been work quite a bit, but it's in really good condition. These things wear like iron. Our son loved it. 


I'd like $60, shipped for this one:



Thanks for your interest. 

These really are awesome. 

Please PM me with any questions, for more details or pictures. 

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Bump. These are all AWESOME jackets. 

Interested? Offers?

PM me for more pics or with questions......

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What types of fit are we talking for #3 Phenix medium red/black

And #1 Red/blue in XL ?
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In terms of size, I just discussed this with my wife, and we both would start by saying that in our experience over the years, Phenix has always run pretty close to size, but in recent years, their stuff has been more of a tailored, fitted cut. These older styles are a bit more full. There are some manufacturers, for example Spyder, where in some of their stuff I've worn an XXL in the past, versus an XL in the Phenix. So, pretty much true to size. Have never thought "this runs large" or "this runs small" in any of their stuff. Even all of the kids' jackets {and there were a TON of them} were true to size. 


The #1, red/blue XL is cur so that it's a shorter jacket/vest combo. Designed to be fitted around the list area. I'm about 5'10", and it sat a bit lower on top of my hips, and the sleeves billowed a bit. Never bothered me, to looked poorly. But would clearly fit a taller guy very well. If you're 6"3" or 6'4", the sleeves might be a bit on the short size. 


The #3, red and black medium is a bit longer cut. It doesn't have an elastic waist band, so it sits a bit lower on the body. It's a touch longer.  It's a really nice cut.....not fitted and slim, and not free-ride baggy. We missed the window size wise on this for our son. We bought it late spring, with a tiny bit of room to grow in. He basically blew right through the Medium size range in a four month period, and was in a large by the ski season! That's why it's never worn. 


Don't know if this adds much or not. Hope it helps. 


Thanks for the interest! 

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Just to clarify, the 2 XL's fit me at my size, 5'10-11" and 210 lbs. The two mediums are true to size medium, much too small for me. Were our kids.
Just got a PM that made me think I might not have been clear.....
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I remember those coat styles. Even Karbon was doing it back when they made decent product.

Have you considered opening a prop house for the next installment of Hot Tub Time Machine? Instead of 1986 it's 1999 and the Millenium is coming fast.

Possibly the Spyder Sasquatch coat could work too. Used when lead female goes to the tub. Now since you have two coats that means we have a scene where two females run around in the snow wearing only the coats.
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Hey....open to any and all offers, suggestions, etc.!
I will say, these are really nice jackets. Not a huge fan of the latest Phenix stuff....other than the actual team coats. My son was given one, and it's a lot different than what they sell (even when advertised as the Norge team stuff!)
The models in the Sasquatch coats....priceless. Somebody needs them, maybe for that purpose!!!
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I agree that the black/red is a fabulous jacket. Too bad it's medium.

Besides the size problem on the other xl's, trying to engage my inner combo of Issey Miyake and Jean Claude Van Damme for the styling.
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Bump.....These are as good as it gets in retro. High end stuff, race wear, perfect condition......Anyone?


Thanks. Enjoy the spring! 

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Phenix jackets are absolute top quality. Beautifully made with attention to detail. And very warm. Those were expensive when new. I have several from that era and they'll probably last forever.
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The  #3 jacket, {black/red, medium} is SOLD, pending payment. 




Check out the other three......great garments!!

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OFFERS???? #1, #2, #4 still available. Top quality stuff......nice vintage!! Rock the vests for the season's end!!!!

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Well I sent a pm because I've lost my mind...:-)
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Thanks. No....very sane reasoning. You NEED it. You'll LOVE it.......

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#1 SOLD to a very good home. Thanks!!!!

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