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Crazy short turn exercises

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Check out this neat video from the Austrians: 

What's shocking is he's skiing powerful short radius turns on a 20-30M radius ski! I'm impressed.

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WOW...  just wow.

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My knees hurt when I watch that.


Very cool video though.

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It makes me marvel at the athleticism of the guy. I wonder how his joints will feel in a few years of that. Or perhaps he spends his days in the gym.

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^^^ I was shown some of these drills by someone who ~ 15 years ago had multiple knee operation (not sure if it was the same know tho). He had no problems but he wasn't doing it with the same speed .... maybe it was because he was showing it to me. 


IMO, there is something to be said about use it or lose it. 

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I've seen this video before and the skier is incredibly talented and physically fit. Thanks for posting. Using 188cm long GS skis for edging drills and short turns like that should not come as particularly shocking. Those are old school drills and were performed with 207s back in the days. My ankles hurt when I look at the video, not the knees....

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