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Skiing advice I'd give myself 10 years ago

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If you could go back in time 10 years and give yourself a few tips on skiing what would they be? Here are a few of mine...


--Travel often, travel further

--Ski more, party less

--Ski with different people other than your crew and keep in touch with those you meet along the way

--Take care of your gear and learn how to tune properly

--Stretching is a good thing

--Actually learn how to land switch on those cool new twin-tips

--Hike for turns (it's rewarding)

--Take an avy course and learn about your environment

--Don't take yourself so seriously

--Enjoy every moment you're on the mountain. You are lucky. 

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Take her and make sweet love to her and her and her. 

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Don't bother buying those fatties.  You'll never get as many powder days as you're hoping to.

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Slow down.
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don't over think perfect vacation planning - crappy ones are memorable too.

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You think your weight is forward......It's not.

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Don't ski weekends.
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Off season conditioning with a emphasis on ski-related exercises really does make a difference.

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Take lessons!

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Spend every day you possibly can on the hill with your beloved uncle - the man who made you a skier. After all, he is 81 and he may not be with me in ten years. He wasn't. But he got to 89 - and skied till the end. The ski muse should treat us all with such grace.


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Don't look behind you when you're going at mach speed.  Ever!!

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Ten years ago?

-Don't ski the trees alone


Twenty years ago

-Skip the sports cars and buy a condo in the mountains


Thirty five years ago

-Don't stop skiing

-Apply to University of Montana

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Take early retirement and move to the mountains (oh wait, I did).

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Originally Posted by Born2Schuss View Post

--Don't take yourself so seriously

--Enjoy every moment you're on the mountain. You are lucky. 

Thumbs Up

Follow those two and there will be no regrets baby!

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The powerball numbers are.....
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Ten Years Ago, huh?


For skiing, properly tune your ski, push in the turn. Then grip it and rip it. (I never pushed hard on skis because I didn't like the chatter on hard ice.)


For life, friends and fun are more important than anything. If it isn't fun, stop doing it. (Those video games won't do much either!)

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Go buy some good, properly-fitted boots - you'll be amazed.

Push yourself to improve with lessons and by skiing places you didn't think you could.

Don't get out of the habit of going! (once you miss a season of skiing, it's even easier to miss the next one)

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Buy skis you are likely to use most of the time, not the ones you use once a year for those epic days.  Buy slalom skis, damn it!


Had I known...............


Not is all lost though.  I finally have it figured out :)



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Ten years ago? 


  • Start skiing immediately. (I started 9 years ago.) 
  • Buy your first boots from a ski shop, not from the ski swap. Ignore the pleasant but ignorant bootfitter woman's advice that a boot should be comfortable and roomy. 
  • Don't buy your second pair of boots just because they're on sale, and $150 cheaper than the ones that actually fit properly. 
  • Don't buy those foam core ex-demo skis! Spend another $200 on something decent. 
  • Learn to tune ASAP. No, you can't tune with just a diamond stone and a guide. 
  • When you first get to Blackcomb, stay away from the rock garden on the glacier! You're going to break your wrist. Take an off-piste lesson instead.
  • On that sweet powder day five years from now at Grouse, remember there's a cat-track cutting through the run, and turn before you reach it! Otherwise you're going to tear your rotator cuff. 
  • When you start working at Whistler ski school, wake up early and do sessions every day. 
  • Don't snowboard in Ontario. You're going to tear a ligament in your thumb. 
  • Smile on every run. Smiling triggers your brain to make you feel happier. Try it right now!  


That's about it. 

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good thing your in Canada last 10 years ago for the medical coverage. 

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  • Skip that last tree run at Brian Head (your ribs will remain intact)
  • Don't avoid the terrain park!

I used to always avoid the terrain park because I wasn't any good at it, and I didn't want to hang out with teenagers (I can't possibly be the only one). But after a friend dragged me in once I discovered how much fun it can be, and how it's generally way more interesting than the blue/green terrain near it.

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Take your wife skiing immediately and start again yourself...

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- you will feel much less flexible at 52 than 42 so ski more often, you never know when you won't be able to (not there yet fortunately)

- go out west more often 



20 year ago

- buy a slope side condo 

- more ski trips while single, heli-ski


30 years ago

- ski with my parents more often while they still ski


that said, no major regrets, still love skiing and snowboarding 

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