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Smith IOX question

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I got a deal on older IOX goggles (Green Sol X/Pink something) and right out of the box I can see there is a gap on the left side where I can actually see the floor.  Is this a defective pair or are they supposed to have that gap?  It is hard to explain but you can see visible separation, though slight, at the cheek.  I already sent a pair back because this got worse when I changed the lens.  Now with the new pair I see the same thing and haven"t even swapped lenses.  I bought these to go over my eyeglasses and to have lense options.  Thanks guys.

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I just bought a pair of IO7's and I don't have that problem.  I know they're slightly different googles, but it seems odd that you can see daylight.

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I may be off base here, but IO goggles I have require the edge of the lens to be slipped under the rim of the giggle frame to hold them in place. If you don't do this there is a gap you can see looking sideways. You almost have to bend the lens to get it to clip in. Not sure about the "X" model, but this happens with mine.
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I'm guessing you mean a gap between the lens and the frame? If so, then nope not normal. Is the lens installed correctly? There is a slot across the nose that the lens inserts into, the strap "connectors" lock the sides and the two catches on the top are the last pieces holding it in place.


The proper way to install the lens is:

Insert the lens into the slot on the nose bridge. Be sure to get the tabs inserted into their slots.

(with the goggle oriented as though on your face) rotate the strap "connectors" so that the strap points straight up or straight down (rather than straight back as when wearing them)

Slide the side notches back under the "connectors". Rotate them back so that the strap points in the normal direction.

Pull the top bow of the frame up so that the top notches engage to two top catches. rotate the catches down so that they are horizontal.



The frame should be essentially flush with the edge of the lens all the way around, save for the nose.

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You see this while wearing the goggles?


You know in the IO/X lenses there is a back "frame" right where the internal and external part of the lenses are glued together. You can see a gap in the outside of this "glue frame" but it doesnt mean the goggles are not sealed....


Also, in the down corners of the lense while you are not wearing you can inda separate the soft frame that is in contact with the lens and the lens, but you can see that while wearing the goggles pressure would keep everything in place


If this is what you are seeing, I dont think its a defect, its just a consequence of the framelessness of the lenses of the IO/X

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i use IO-X's.  There are 6 connection points and if any single one isn't perfectly in place, it can produce that result.


So, start with the nose piece and make sure the lens tabs are in their proper cutouts.


Then, there are the mounts where the goggle straps attach to the frame; that piece needs to be twisted up or down a quarter turn for installation and/or removal.  Make sure the lens under the plastic pieces where the strap attaches to the frame.


Then, the last ones are the tabs on the top of the frame that flip up and down.  I rarely have issues with those unless something is not properly aligned in the other 4 locations.

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So I called Smith and they said it is definitely not the way they are designed.  I took a photo and sent it to them.  I wrapped the goggles in a balaclava and snapped a photo.  It shows the light.  Here is the kicker, the retailer insists it is not an issue.  So I returned them and waiting on a new pair.  The Smith rep called the retailer directly and insisted they accept the exchange.  I would upload the photo but I accidentally deleted it after I sent it.

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You can't take another picture? It's hard for anyone to help without knowing where you are seeing the gap.

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I am returning them again so it is moot.
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