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Skiing was EPIC at Selkirk Snowcats!!

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The Freeride Media crew stopped in at Selkirk Snowcat Skiing in Meadow Creek, BC the last couple of days of January. Selkirk has a long history of serving up deep powder experiences to riders for more than 40 years.  In fact Selkirk Snowcat Skiing was the first cat skiing operation in business starting back in 1975 and with that they were able to chose the best location to set up their operation.

                                                             Our Chariot      Photo credit-Ryan Zimmer


Today Selkirk has a new owner the husband and wife team of Paul and Megan Ozak who are taking the operation to the next level.. Selkirk offers 6 night lodging/ 5 day skiing trips each week. The keep the numbers to only 24 guests per week for a more intimate experience.


Our crew on this trip was made up of Chuck Patterson, Bob Legasa, Tommy Frey and Tim Sorenson and we had a couple newbies join the group for this adventure former Freestyle Champion Tom Hathaway, Photographer Ryan Zimmer and Matt Conger all who were jonsing to get after it since there was over 14" of fresh from the previous day!


                                                               The Crew     Photo credit-Chuck Patterson


Day 1 our guide Stefan brought us into some of the steepest,  gladed trees most of us have ever skied. It seemed there were numerous slots that were 1000 feet of vert with lines everywhere. Heaven!!!


                                                     Chuck getting DEEEP!!      Photo credit-Ryan Zimmer


                                     Matt Conger blowing by the Videographer     Photo credit-Ryan Zimmer


Day 2 was filled with much of the same from day 1 but the sun graced us with it's presence for a short while so we focused on cranking out shots while the light was epic. As quickly as the sun made it's appearance, it disappeared but only after we were able to capture some gorgeous video and photos. Boy, what a difference Blue sky and sun makes for the morale and imagery.

                                            Blue Skies and Blower for Bob Legasa     Photo credit-Ryan Zimmer


                                                   Chuck leaving a Vapor Trail     Photo credit-Ryan Zimmer


With over 40 years of service under their belts the network of Selkirk's cat roads is extensive and beautifully laid out bringing riders to terrain from mellow to sporty lines and everything in between as we experienced a wide variety of terrain on Day 3.

Throughout the entire day the sun was playing peek-a-boo with us.  It seemed every time we were riding back up in the cat it was sunny outside and the second we clicked into our gear the clouds would hide the sun. Oh well, we had decent light and the snow was epic!


                                               Chuck Dropping in off Pirate Rock     Photo credit-Ryan Zimmer


                                                  Our Guide leading the Charge     Photo credit-Ryan Zimmer


The three days at Selkirk were probably some of the best conditions and tree skiing we have done so far this season. We lucked out with conditions and having great guides who know the area so well with that combo we were able to capture an incredible experience at Selkirk Snowcat Skiing.


                                                 Plenty of Wide open Tree Skiing     Photo credit-Ryan Zimmer


Here's a video recap of our adventure,


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Love the shot of the cliff drop and of your 'chariot' as well! I'm a sucker for Snow Groomers, just cool looking machines. 

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Another great report, Freeride. Sorry (for myself) that I couldn't make that trip. Between this and Baldface, you guys hit it well!

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 Amazing images , amazing video of great skiers 



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