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apex ski boots..

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Looking to get a new ski boot.. the technical hvl I have hurt my feet. Are the apex a really good boot..
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Have you considered Daleboots ?

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Don't know much about a lot of ski equipment.. excuse my ignorance. But to answer I don't know anything about daleboots.
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I over heard somebody on my last ski trip asking about apex boots. So I looked them up..look to be real comfortable. .
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I believe @dchan 's father is skiing an Apex and liking it.


There have been lots of discusisions here -- sorry, I did not pay enough attention to get a sense of the conclusiosn:

For example, a ten page thread:

and a Philpug review:

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Make sure you demo them before buying with your own footbeds.  Factor in cost/hassle of a binding remount on ll your skis as BSL is really long, And be really challenging to the fitter on whether they are really trying to oversize you in the liner.

Just my advice.

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Indeed my dad is in the Apex boot.

It's not for everyone. They are comfortable. They are hard to balance and adjust forward lean, stiffness. There are very few places we have found that can be ground if you have hot spots.

If you are not heavy enough or strong enough to bend them they are pretty hard to soften.

They ski well after lots of work with my dad but you really need to work with a Good fitter.
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What are some good boots to look at... I will have to get a wider boot no matter I get.
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With the exception of Apex(personal bias) there are no bad boots, but there are a lot of wrong boots for your feet. Nobody on the internet can tell you what will fit your feet. You need to deal with a real bootfitter and stop asking internet strangers who have never seen your feet what is going to work. The boots you already have might work just fine if you take them to a bootfitter and get them fixed. Go to the "Ask the Boot Guys"forum and read the wikis about fitting and terminology, the check the "Who's Who" and see if there's a fitter listed near where you live or where you ski. If there is, call and make an appointment. If there's one listed, ask and someone will be able to recommend a fitter.
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