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So here is a case in point for why skiing is entirely healthful.


I've been having a bit of a "sciatica" issue this fall and winter.  Bad enough to keep me awake at night at times and put a gimp in my walk.  (Somehow it all is put aside while skiing,  never figured that one out)


Monday had brought about 4 inches of fresh and fluffy (over ice), and I was feeling a bit frisky.  I spent as much time out skiing as possible and still meet expectations of availability at the summit rescue.  The best snow stayed in the bumps as the troughs usually do collect and hold the goods.   It was fun!


Well,  to the point of the post. 


One of the little "diversions" on the route that I am wont to take on the return to the lift base has recently been seeded for bump training.  This is a short "steeper" section of our best beginners area. ;-) I had entered the freshly formed bumps a time or two previously a bit "hot",  and set myself a standard for performance.  This time was no different,  I went in a notch faster than prudent,  but heck,  bump skiing is a timed event. ;-)


I was skiing well!  (surprise)  and was making my way through the lines to a left hand exit when a certain twist sent a resounding "Crack!" through my lower back.  I nearly collapsed with the impulse.  My first thought was "Now you have done it,  gone and screwed your back big time!"


But...  as fate may have it, and story be told, 

I've not had a twinge or pain from that "sciatica" since Monday.  Go figure!

Chiropractic therapy through mogul skiing!

What a treat!


"You don't quit skiing cause you get old,  you get old if you quit skiing!"

Same goes for riding fast motorbikes!  ;-)


  Go  fast,  take chances.