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Park City in a Day.

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Is it possible to ride all of the lifts at the new behemoth of the Park City Mountain Resort in a day?  Why yes, yes it is.  Until today that was just a theory for me, but I set out to make it happen and had no problem.  In case anyone is interested:


I started on the Canyons Village side.  I was mildly concerned about making the 3:30 Quicksilver Gondola loading deadline for returning back to the Canyons side, but found it was no problem.  To ski all of the lifts there were  35, totaling 32,258 vertical feet.  I repeated some at the end of the day getting back to Canyons Village, resulting in an over 40,000 ft day.  Was it a slog? Mindless, mundane skiing just to claim the feat?  No!  It was awesome!  It was a great sampling of everything the largest resort in the US has to offer, and I'll gladly do it again.  So here's what I did:


On the Waldorf Gondola at 9:00.  On the Orange bubble at 9:05.


Orange Bubble to Mid Station

       Lookout Ridge to Arrowhead to Flume to


Super Condor Express

      Apex Ridge to Yard Sale to Alley to Spider Monkey to


Sun Peak Express

      Upper Mainline to Mainline to


High Meadow (The slow beginner chair, ugh!)

      Meadow Way to Red Pine Lodge to 


Short Cut

      Doc's Run to Sunrise to Retreat to



      Lower Sunrise to


Red Pine Gondola


Saddleback Express

      Under the liftline -not a named run, just under the lift- to Chicane to


Tombstone Express

      Freefall to Another World to Ripsaw to


Ninety-Nine Ninety Express

      Fright Gully to liftline to Moraine to


Peak 5

      Upper Crowning Glory to Royal to Harmony to



      Dawn to Harmony to 



      Chimera to Sleepwalker to Apparition to 



      Deja Vu to Harmony to Whitewater to Cascade to


Iron Mountain Express


      Upper White Pine to Tin Cup to


Quicksilver Gondola North


Silverlode Express

      Parley's Park to Carbide Cut to


Motherlode Express

      Home Run to Mid-Mountain Meadows to 



      Jupiter Access to



      Fortune Teller to Jupiter Access to



      Blueslip Bowl to Pioneer to


McConkey's Express

      McConkey's Bowl to Woodside to Short Line to Bonanza to


Bonanza Express

      Home Run to Silver Queen to Treasure Hollow to 


Crescent Express

      King Con Ridge to Erika's Gold to Home Run to 


Payday Express

      Payday to Quit 'N Time to Town


Town Lift

      Home Run to


First Time

      First Time to 


Three Kings

      Three King's Terrain Park to Eagle Super Pipe to


Eagle Lift



      Neff Land to Temptation to Ligety Split to


Silver Star

      Spiro to


King Con Express....It is here that I finished riding every substantial lift.  33 of them.  But it was only about 3pm.  I had plenty of time to get back to the Canyons side.  So I decided to ride the "worthless" utterly flat lifts back at Canyons just so I could claim to have ridden every mapped ski lift at the resort.  So Back to canyons side for Flatiron and Timberline.  I finished out the day by riding King Con Express, then King Con to


Quicksilver Gondola South Mid Station

      Blaise's Way to 



      Snowwonder to Golden Spruce to White Pine to Cascade to




Tombstone Express

      Another World to Ripsaw to 


Ninety-Nine Ninety Express

      Magic Line to End Zone to Red Pine Road to 


Saddleback Express

      Kokopelli to Echo to Boomer Cutoff to Flume to


Super Condor Express

      Apex Ridge to Willow Draw to Canyons Village Base.



All in all, I covered 40 lifts and 40,558 vertical feet. The sky was clear, the temp was around 40, what a great day!

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Cool... in case you were curious to see it mapped out. Hillmap came up with 40,166 vert. - pretty close!


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Amazing feat! However, you missed the cabriolet:rolleyes
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That's a pretty cool map.  Thanks!

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