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What is the purpose of Subscriptions?

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Searched on the web for "What are forum subscriptions and just got a zillion hits from those who already are making use of this apparent generic forum tool but no where have read a thorough description for.  Also there appears to be different ways specific forums implement subscriptions.  Ditto just searching on this board.  Most web forums don't use subscriptions so there are lots of people that probably never use them just like me because they don't understand their reason for being.   I have a vague understanding from poking about in my account settings.  Appears I get subscribed to all threads I post in?   Why should that be useful?   From some of the old threads posts it is obvious I'm not the only clueless person about the tool.


So a summary definition/description by an actual moderator as used on epicski?  

Why should we members want to use subscriptions?

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Not a Mod, but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night.


I use subs to keep track of threads that interest me. I work in the New Posts world rather than digging into the individual forums. With all of the activity going on a thread that I find interesting can scroll off the bottom pretty quickly, becoming hard to keep track of. When I post in a thread it is almost always because I will find all posts interesting, not just the ones quoting me. For that reason I like that I am automatically subscribed. For many threads I have nothing to contribute but am interested in the conversation so I subscribe manually so that I can keep up with it. Once subscribed all of those threads appear in my "Subscribed Threads" page. I can look in at my convenience and see at a glance which ones have had activity. Best of all, once they run their course they just filter toward the bottom and out of view. Wait, even better than "best of all" is that when the thread goes off the rails, I can Unsubscribe" and no longer be subjected to the idiocy.

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Subscriptions are an easy way to easily keep up with what interests you the most on the forum. EpicSki has a ton of different forums about gear, instruction, items for sale, etc. By subscribing to just the forums and threads that you like most you can have a filter that just shows you the items of most interest to you rather than wading through everything posted on here. 

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Here's an example of what the Activity tab list looks like for my Subscriptions.


*  Can see by the Count (next to Subscriptions in top right corner) if there are any threads with new posts

*  Can pick which threads to read right away

*  Possible to Subscribe to a Forum, for instance could subscribe to Trip Reports

*  Can delete a subscription form the Edit tab, or can Unsubscribe by clicking the icon at the top of a thread



When I was a lurker, being able to use Subscriptions was one reason I decided to create an account.


I read on a desktop.  My habit is to open threads of interest in separate tabs from my Subscription list.

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