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Gummi stone refresh?

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Anyone have a tip to get the rust / black particles off the surface of a gummi stone?

I was thinking to use polishing toothpaste... as any residue left on the stone might polish my edges too!
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I just slather the gummi with liquid hand soap (because that's what's usually handy) and then scrub with an old damp dish sponge (the kind that has scotch brite on one side).  I'll scrub with the scotch brite side and then finish off with the sponge side.  Sometimes I'll use a tooth brush to get at stubborn spots.


Every once-in-a-blue-moon I'll re-dress the gummi after cleaning it.  After it's dry, I'll lay some plain 'ol 220 grit sandpaper on a flat surface and run the sides of the gummi on it.  Just light even pressure on the gummi as I move it back and forth.

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Thanks slopefossil. Good tip.

I had another thought ... polishing your teeth with a gummi actually might work better than whitening strips. My dentist started offerring pasteless "sponge" cup on their rotary cleaning tool instead of that yucky, gritty stuff they call polish. She said the cup has the grit built into it. Sounds similar to a gummi stone.

Just imagine it - a ski in dentist... get your edges AND your teeth polished at the same time! biggrin.gif
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