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Hi All,


With the recent launch of the TLT7 and the Backlands with significantly short BSL, I started to ponder about the advantages of having a shorter BSL.


1.  The obvious is that it is easier to walk/maneuver/more nimble


2.  Approximately 10mm difference between sizes of the same boot- does that result in a 3-5% decrease in weight?  Are there any stats to show the difference in weight between different sizes of the same boot?  


3.  Less torque used (2-3%?) due to the shorter pivot point when touring.  My physics/mechanical engineering is sort of rusty so I'm not entirely sure how to quantify the difference but it seems there would be a minute difference since the the a longer BSL travels more distance (and often at a faster rate) than a shorter BSL which requires more force to do so.


Not sure if there are others but I'd certainly be interested to learn about others.  And, obviously, to point out flaws in my own assessment.