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Followingon from the recent one that finished with the line "throw away the bead, Frank, our prayers have been answered," here's another couple...

Two parrots were on a perch, and one said to the other "Something smells fishy round here"


A lady goes in to a pet shop, and sees a parrot for sale for $15. She asks the pet shop owner if the price is correct, he tells her it is, but warns her that the parrot used to live in a house of ill repute. She decides that because it is such a bargain, she will take it.
She gets it home, and the first thing it says is "New madam".
It looks around and then says "New bordello"
Later that day the lady's daughters return from school, the parrot says "New ladies"
The lady is happy enough with the parrot, it really isn't too bad. Then her husband comes home from work, and the parrot says "Hi Sean"