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Mt. Batchelor in April - Suggestions appreciated

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Friends, Ms. D1 and I plan to head to Oregon in April to ski Mt. Batchelor for the first time. While I wait all season for spring skiing in Maine, we have suffered a snow drought this year that will take much to overcome. We chose Mt. B because we are also scoping out possible winter retirement locations, and Bend seems to come up on most lists. Also have family in Portland.

So the plan would be to go sometime after the first of April. While it is not yet advertised, the hill has a late season pass that costs in the vicinity of $150. Unbeatable price (heading to Vail in two weeks - $165 window price - :eek). Here are some questions that come to mind:

- Are there any school vacation weeks that we should be aware of (and avoid)

- Plan to stay in Bend and drive to the hill - lots of Air B&B options. But suggestions for lodging still very welcome.

- Plan to fly to Portland and drive - just to get a sense of the lay of the land. I have read that there is a height of land or pass that can be dicey. Would this still hold true in April? If so, all wheel drive vehicle recommended?

- Special things to do in/around Bend  that may not be on our radar - food places, music, culture etc.

- Any local knowledge of the hill recommendations? I ski at upper level and Ms. D1 is a solid intermediate but will dip into the trees if not too scary.

- Always great to follow local Bears around new hills. Feel free to pm me if you do not mind being a tour guide. No worries. I shine up pretty good. And Ms. D1 is salt of the earth woman. 

Appreciate any thoughts or suggestions that will make this a great trip.



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Hola D1, Mt. Bachelor and your home mtn Sugarloaf have a number of similarities, principally remote pristine feel. Both are also known for bounteous snowfall, fine late season skiing, and good trees. At Mt. B the glades are mostly in the Northwest section of the mtn, but the enormous "sidecountry" off the backside of the summit is surreal and not to be missed as most of the trees are thickly covered in frost/rime ice much of the winter. Both of a good bit of strong-intermediate terrain. At Mt. B a lot of great terrain from the summit falls into that category including the backside in friendly conditions. Bend is full of micro and not-so-micro breweries and a pub crawl could take all week:-) There are no slopeside accommodations at Mt. B because it's located in beautiful forest service land. There are a few lodges/condos part way between the town of Bend and the mtn, but there is not much of a disadvantage commute-wise to staying in town and you might get more for your money there. The access road is well maintained and fairly low angle. Doubt you'll have dicey road conditions in April unless you experience a spring snow dump, which would be worth any trouble it presents. Here's a link to my pictorial: http://www.epicski.com/a/mt-bachelor-a-pictorial
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Mr. J, many thanks for your shout-out and kind synopsis. Does very much sound like my kind of mountain. Like the Loaf and my surrogate hill in Utah, Pow Mou, all snow and no fur - except on those born with it. I spent some time with your excellent travelogue which made for a good stoke. Great images - particularly the one looking down at the clouds. Outstanding. As an aside, I kept up with the Gathering goings-on. While I could not make it to Aspen, it was still big fun reading about the event. I hope to be able to do Whistler next year. I skied it 15 years ago in mid-April. Full-on spring. From the top of the hill, you could see the green links. Ski in the am. Golf in the pm. Pretty nice for those with split loyalties. As for me, ski-on.

Warm regards,


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The country in the high desert of the Bend area is spectacular. Weather permitting, you can see the Oregon Cascades running north to south. No doubt you are going to have ball.
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We were just talking about you at the Gathering, D. Good to see you're still in the mix. I'm interested in your Bachelor findings, and may be following behind some year in the not-too-distant future.
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