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Summit Vs Eagle County  

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Good afternoon all,


I'm currently trying to plan out a ski trip out to colorado this year for spring break and was hoping to get some of your guys opinions on where to go. Currently I'm thinking about heading out there for 4 days (3/13/16 - 3/17/16) the past 3 outings I've stayed in Keystone or Dilion and mainly skiied keystone. I would rate myself as high level 5 to low level 6 skier  who typically keeps to the long groomers with great views, however I would like to get more experience ski bowls, "above the tree line," and that colorado powder I hear so much about. 


With that being said I currently found some good deals on lodging in Dilion, Frisco, and Avon so I was hoping to use one of those locations as my base camp, I'll have my own car so transportation shouldn't be a concern. The nice thing for me is that I have a cousin who works for vail resorts who gave me some 1/2 off lift ticket coupons so I would like to take advantage of those which and be used at any vail resort minus A-basin and Loveland. 


Lastly what is the drive from Silverthorn/Dillion area up to Vail/Beaver Creek like? I usually drive my FWD sedan up to summit county and have never had and problems but I've never made the trip to Eagle county so I was wondering was to except. 


Any thoughts or opinions would be great or if you need more background let me know. 


Thanks for all your help & Ideas 


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Moderator Note: thread locked because it's a duplicate.  While Resorts, Conditions & Travel is a good place for the OP's question, many members who only read selected forums during the season do not check it regularly.


Go to the thread in General Skiing to provide suggestions and comments:

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