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Getting back into the Game [6'7", has done boot fitting]

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Hi Everyone,


A newb that has been lurking here and find the quality of content outstanding.  Based on the info here I am slowly getting back into the game.  I have been out of the game for 7 years.  I lost all my gear in a flood that wasn't covered under insurance.  Life, work intervened and I never seemed to find time to get on the slopes.  I moved from Pittsburgh to Chicago and that even hurt more as the time to the slopes mandated planning a trip versus a quick skip to the hill when time allowed. Lastly, until recently I was rocking my vintage Olin Mark IV's simply because I liked them.  I am self taught and started late.  I played hockey all my life through college and short stint in the A, so edging was easy ti pick up and watching my friends who were better then me gave me role models to emulate.  I have skied primarily East Coast, but also have been out west and handled blacks with no issues and some aplomb to be honest.  


So after reading all the newb threads, which are great by the way, I dropped the dime on a pair of Tecnica Mach 1 MV 120's.  They are like bedroom slippers.  And the 120 is plenty stiff for my 6 foot 7 258lb frame.  Now I am looking at boards.  I have been out 3 times on rentals from the shop where I bought the boots.  I rode the MX 78 177(?), MX88 177 and the VOLKL RSM (?) in 180.  After the rides my guy got feedback and is proposing the 2014 Kendo or Brahma as my one ski quiver for local riding, a trip home to the East and as my all purpose ride when I go out west (Whistler the first week in March.)  I have no reason to question my guy he fitted my boots and has been great at helping figure out where i should go.  I am looking for any feedback from similarly situated, size and style, skiers with thoughts on these two skis 2014 Kendo or the 2015 Brahma.  I like to ski all conditions and even try my hand in the bumps from time to time, though I need more gym time to get the core back for extended play.  


My feedback on the skis I road were generally positive.  The Kastle skis are top notch but out of my budget.  I liked the turn initiation of the 78 but liked the stability and pep of the 88.  The Volkl was a rocket and at times seemed to want to dictate the turn as opposed to me based on the conditions (namely downde skiers in my path)  it also was stable and decent in the bumps.


So to conclude, is the Brahma 187 too much ski?  would the older Kendo in 184 be too much ski?  I am looking to improve and expect that getting to know my gear will help inspire me to get better which is the goal.  All thoughts are appreciated.  


PS: I know there is extended discussion in many of the threads about the virtues of each ski, but some of the language is lost on me.  I am really trying to make a good buying decision and lastly, the shop doesn't have a demo in either.  It is a try it and buy it proposition.  Thanks and apologies for the novella.

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You are a large person.  There is rarely any ski that will be too big for your body;  so if it feels too much ski it is likely a technique issue.  

So your decision along those lines are whether you are going to get something that's best for you now and you stay the same level or potentially you grow out of and you either sell and upgrade;  or you get something that's a little too much for you now that you grow into after improving your skills.


Search for skis for big guys thread:



+ click through on the related threads section of that thread.

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Thanks raysteng.  I didn't see the Clydesdale thread.  I will hunt around in there.  As to your other question, I would rather be challenged to grow into a ski than to be on a placebo.  Get busy living or get busy dying so to speak.  Thanks again.

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First, boots should not feel like bedroom slippers. Sounds too loose for higher performance skiing. I'm 6'6" 225 lb and use Lange RS 130 (I have a 14-15 AA narrow feet). My toes touch the front of the boots when standing up straight, but pull off when skiing. Do yours? Are these boots stiff enough for your weight? I'd suggest posting in the Ask the Boot Guys section.

I skied a Rossi Experience 83 in 184 cm as a low intermediate and now an Elan Amphibio 88XTi in 186 cm as advanced intermediate. Can't speak to either of your suggestions from demos, but they are a similar class of skis to the Elan having same metal in them and stiff for us big guys. Hard to believe they would be too much for you at your size.

You can search on Clydesdale Ski Gear in the Topics Discussed
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Hard to go wrong w/ Brahma 187, a solid benchmark performer in modern skis. My concern would be the boots feeling like "bedroom slippers".... Sound like you could potentially tolerate dropping down a size or two and benefit from the inherent advantages that would present.

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Welcome back to skiing. I think you could ride both the Kendo and the Brahma, the suggestions are great, you have the body to use it. For the brahma you could go with either the 187 or the 180 cm, I guess its a matter of preference. The longer will give stability in crud and irregular terrain, while the 180 will give more agility in close spaces


You have used shorter skis, check if you would like the 187. I like the brahma bit better than the kendo (but I was a worse skier when I used the kendo, so maybe thats why)



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Thanks Cookie,

Is there a point where my size, height, weight etc negates the differences between the 180 and 187 to the point where the ski is performing the same as it would for an intended user at a different size and ski length?
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I was fitted by a reputable fitter. My comment had more to do with the lack of pain or loss of circulation in my feet. I have broken both of the so I have some weird pressure points and these dont hurt. My toes brush the front but retract slightly when I lock in and am in a skiing position. The Mach 1 is allegedly, a stiffer boot by nature in both the 120 and 130. The fitter had me in a 130 Salomon XPro 130 and Mach 130 before i tried the 120. They felt better though im sure there is not much difference between the 130 and 120 in terms of design and materials.
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Originally Posted by tytlynz64 View Post

Thanks Cookie,

Is there a point where my size, height, weight etc negates the differences between the 180 and 187 to the point where the ski is performing the same as it would for an intended user at a different size and ski length?

That's a good question. I'm 6ft and was your weight and I had the feeling that I've mentioned (going shorter for nimble but longer for crud performance). With your added height maybe you won't feel that. I was just thinking that your have been skiing in some relatively short skis for your height, dunno if by preference or because the shop didn't have the longer ones
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I'd just like to give you props for going about purchasing gear in the right way. Boots, bootfitting, then worry about everything else. Way to go! If you're this good at taking advice in the other aspects of skiing, you'll be back up to speed in no time! :yahoo:


Now back to your regularly scheduled thread...

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I'm 6'3" 195lbs and have the Brahma in a 187. It does a reasonable impersonation of a GS ski on firmer snow, yet is friendly and easy going in the softer stuff.

The 180 might have been a bit quicker/better in the trees and steeper stuff, but the 187 is still perfectly fine. I think I could have gone either way, but am happy with the 187.

At 6'7" and 258lbs, I think the 187 is the obvious choice.
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Thanks, taking advice has never been a strong suit but too much good stuff on here to ignore.  

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So here is a question to the forum that could benefit the OP (and I've been thinking this for myself): what should a > 6'6", > 220 lb guy do for a quick, nimble, slalomish ski? Most big all-mountain skis like the Kendo and Brahma are referenced as GS-like, not slalom, but hard to imagine a <170 cm slalom ski as fun for a Clydesdale. Just live with a GS cheater at ~180 cm?
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Great post XLTL.  I like the idea of a do it all ski, but it appears the industry has moved into a very specialized product offering model.  I am resigned that I may need to be open to owning more than one ski, and am interested in what might meet the qualifications you mentioned.  Quick and nimble and not too much bounce in the bumps.  

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Yes I have Elan Amphibio 88 in 186 as my mid-fat ski but wonder what narrower shorter ski would work for me in icy tight spots and bumps. I demoed some last year that were pretty forgettable but not all lines were represented at the tents. Those I remembered all were longer mid-fats and I purchased the Elan. It's a pretty narrow demographic for folks like you and me!
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6'6" 400 ish here, my new fischer ranger 90 ti's are a dream so far. I'm a low intermediate, just starting to do blues here on the east coast. I was on a 174 and jumped to a 186, and that was the move! Way more stable all around!
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