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I'm 6', 155#, advanced skier, 44yrs. I'm back into skiing after long hiatus and loving it! I spent the last couple years not skiing a whole lot and renting/demoing, but this year picked up a pair of Line SFB's and an old pair of Nordica Hell & Backs. I have had a lot of fun on these skis. I started moving up to expert terrain this season and ski mostly at Crested Butte and am looking toward next year to update. (I'll probably ski 20-30 ski days this year.)


I liked the Bacons on soft snow for cruising and having in trees, steeps - when soft, and bumps but they felt a bit out of their league on really deep days and also less stable when the deep days turned to scrape and chop. (Though they can carve surprisingly well on soft groomers too... and I've had fun learning to ski switch, but suck at it.)


The Hell & Backs are great on groomers and hard snow but feel too 'one dimensional'. Though it could be that I'm just not able to drive them like they need. They seem to favor an aggressive hard driving style that I can only keep up for a 1/2 day.


So... I'm thinking a fatter, more stable ski for powder and variable days, but since I'm light weight or my height I'm not looking for a 'heavy charger', also my knees don't need the the punishment.


... and something for groomers, skied out days, harder snow etc.


Any suggestions are appreciated... Thanks!