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Measuring Base Bevel

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One good thread deserves another.

When I got my new Heros tuned I told the tech to shoot for 0.5 base bevel.

Pat at Nubs knows Wintersteiger and he gave me his best shot.

How good?

Measuring base bevel with any accuracy is hard.

The straight edge and shim method is OK if used carefully.

The magnetic doohickey that sticks to your edge is squirreley.

So, I got busy.


Looks like Pat hit it pretty well.

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Would you care to share how your device is calibrated?  Looks interesting.

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One way is to zero the level on the base of the ski then transfer it to the tool and directly read the bevel.

The other is to set up the tool at a specific bevel on something flat like my mill table then use it to check bevel.

It is still a work in progress.

I need to shorten the aluminum piece so it stays on the ski when I use it on race skis.

And the knife edge could be sharper.

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OMG!  Now you splitting hairs!  Just tune a consistent bevel and don't worry about it!

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"Test don't guess."  Click and Clack

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Originally Posted by dakine View Post

"Test don't guess."  Click and Clack

Click and Clack!  Those guys were awesome.  You are very precise and always in search of precision.  Nothing wrong with that.  I'm just teasing you.  That's quite the invention there you got going. 

As for me, I just use bevel guides to see where the bevel is.  I'm more into the KISS.  That said I know you are not the last "S"!  Stay kine!

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