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Hi all


We are close to our trip now. Arriving at YVR on Feb 20th and on the road east or northeast on 22nd. First stop could be any of the above areas. The road trip portion is about 3-4 weeks with the last 5 days very likely being at WBC for social/family reasons


Can anyone recommend instructors for any of the above resorts? I am thinking specifically of carving technique - getting pointers early in the trip so we can work on them through the holiday when not skiing that powder we have been dreaming about. Which we might or might not get.


Being older (both turned 60 recently) we wont have the agility etc to take it to a very high level, so someone who's been around a while would likely be best as they may have a few tricks in the bag to maximise our experience.


Hope this makes sense, it's 10.30 pm here - I haven't been drinking, apart from coffee...


Thanks for any and all contributions