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Advice on new skis [for 6'4", 220 lbs for family skiing]

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Hi All, I am looking for some advice from you guys about a new pair of skis. I am 6'4" and weigh 220 lbs, I have a pair of Volkl Gotama for powder, most of the areas that get powder are 2-3 hours drive away, but there is a hill 1 hour from me that is about 90% man made snow and all groomed. We have a family pass there, so I'm looking for a pair of skis that will be more suited to groomed/ hard icy conditions. Before kids I skied 30 days a season, with my best season being 86 days. Demo skis are pretty hard to come by around hear so I have rented the following, Head isupershape Titans, Rossi Pursuit 800 and Experience 88, Nordic Firearrow 84 EDT, while I enjoyed most of them I'm still having a hard time choosing what to buy. To cut to the chase today I found a pair of Fischer RC4 GS masters skis in a store, the guy did not really want to talk to me, so I guess my question is how demanding are Masters race skis? I would love to try but not possible, Sorry for the long first post and thanks in advance,
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If you have your 'basic technic' dialled you should have had a blast on the Rossi 800's and you should have been able to absolutely rail the Firearrows. If you know pivoting and angulation and don't skid much; the Masters GS are not a problem.  Look for 17 to 21 meters... You will learn more on a 17meter. Oh yeah: get your boots dialled in. If you're standing flat you should find FLAT on skis and be able to pivot FLAT skis around your heels on any hard smooth snow surface and edge into a very two footed hockey stop... repeat this for a great exercise. Then add a carved turn.

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I ski with a couple of big dudes, 285 and 240.  Both have All Mountain ski's with titanium.  Look for "ti" in the name for titanium.  It offers a more rigid construction and seems to do the trick for them.  They are both exceptional skiers and one also owns a pair of 2016 Blizzard WRC racing skis.  They aren't FIS skis, but he favors them over his all mountain skis even with a 21M turn radius.  He said he can easily overpower his all mountain skis, but the racing skis are rock solid.  Not much info, but I hope it helps a bit.  

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Your local hill sounds a lot like mine (90% man-made, groomed, hard, icy.) I love skiing my GS skis there, but only during the week when I have the place to myself.

When you say "family" skiing, I assume you're going on weekends? And how fast does the rest of the family ski?

If the hill is at all crowded, or you just want to noodle around with the kids, I wouldn't choose a Masters GS ski, even if you're proficient enough to ski it. I'll choose my slalom skis for weekends, every time. Something in between (like that Fire Arrow) would probably be a good choice, too.
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If you like your Got's go here and look for a Volkl Kendo. http://www.skiessentials.com/outlet/clearance-skis.html


I have the Kendo, Gotama and Shiro. Its very easy to go from one to another they all ski very much alike.

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Thanks for the replies, I did enjoy all of the skies I tried, but the trouble was that my buddy, who has the same boot shell size as me swapped skis with me when I had the Head Titans and his 15 year old Volkl G3s had better edge hold than the brand new Titans. Must admit that the Titans weren't tuned to perfection, but neither were his G3s. So got me wondering what a race type ski would be like. Our hill is not too crowded so if you pick your run you can get going pretty fast. Would really like to try some but not an option, so wanted to hear from someone who has tried them, perhaps in comparison to some of the skis I have tried, thanks again, Derek
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