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Boot liner fix?

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So I have a pair of Salamon x-wave 9.0 that when I got them, I thought they were great. Comftorable, and snug. However, as I spend more time on the Internet learning random ski stuff, I'm learning that they are not a great fit. That being said, I have skied successfully in them for 20 days now and not sure what I would gain from a better fit but doesn't hurt to ask.

The good! They are overall snug, toe area has some wiggle room, overall fits snug. No pain whatsoever.

The bad. I have heel lift. Not sure quite how much but I can certainly lift my heels. When the boots are tightened down around my shin area, they go down snug and feel great. However, as soon as I flex forward, a gap appears and I can wiggle forward and back ever so slightly. I think they are a tad big.

The question, can I heat mold my current liners to better fit my foot? If not, can I get a cheap boot liner (please sub $50$), and heat mold that to fit my foot? Will this solver my flex creates gap problem? And finnally, how much will I actually benifit from making it fit better.

And finnally, if I find I can't fix my current boots and will get a large benifit from new boots, can I get whatever decent boot in my size comes up for a good price on eBay and mold it to my foot? I've always wanted somthing with a good walk mode.

Note: the boots were purchased used in good shape.

Note 2: when I say walk mode, I mean for quick hikes and walk to and from my car. I don't do any touring (yet).
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read through the above article and perform a "Shell check" on the boots you now have to see if your boots really fit correctly.



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