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Easy blacks at Marmot

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Sorry I did use the search feature and couldnt find what I was looking for. 

I grew up in Jasper for two years as a kid and spent a fair amount of time at Marmot. I did work myself up to some black runs on other hills, but I don't remember doing any blacks at Marmot. 

My partner and I just started skiing again this year, and are getting more confident on the hill. We were hoping to tackle some black runs in the coming weeks, but were curious about which would be the best to start on? I remember my brother starting on "Highway 16" with his lesson group back when we were little. 

Any advice would be wonderful. 

Sorry if this thread is annoying or a duplicate or anything of the sort. 


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Nice polite first post, very Canadian, even 2 sorrys

Sorry, I can't help you out with specific run names for easy blacks at Marmont however that hill is fairly open. Many of the easier blacks can be completely scoped out either from above or off a chair. As long as your not into the double blacks you can usually see what to expect before committing.

Sure someone who knows Marmont better than me can suggest a few names for you.

Please don't let my joking put you off, and I'm sorry this Canadian has been absolutely no help.    

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Not put off in the slightest. 

I really appreciate it :) 

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