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PA and OH ski areas typical closing dates

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I'm thinking of making a road trip. PA and OH is along the route and I was thinking of making a visit or two at some of these places. When do they start closing it up for the season?

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If we're lucky they last through St. Patrick's - hope for cold. 

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From about St. Patricks Day though the 1st/2nd weekend of April.   All depends on snow/weather/skier demand.


The bigger resorts in PA will definetely try to make it through Easter this year which is the last weekend of March.


All depends on the weather and this year has been anything but normal

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Depends on what part of Ohio you're talking about. I live in south west Ohio and the first or second week of March is usually the end.
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thanks guys..... anyone know which places allows bumps to form?

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Where in PA are you headed through?  Pittsburgh-ish, Gettysburg/York/Philly, Scranton, Poconos? Different feel to the hills in each area, but most of them keep 1 or 2 runs au naturel.

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End destination is Purdue IN /Urbana IL area, so I'm going across PA. I'm willing to travel to the southern part.  

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Of the PA resorts I know, most will tend to have 1 primary bump run, and the occasional pocket elsewhere. Seven Springs will have Goosebumps, Whitetail will have Exhibition, Blue Knob will have Extrovert, Roundtop will have Gunbarrel. Liberty usually has bumps on a couple of the very short double black shots at the top, and some short blue rated bumps lower down. I can't speak to other resorts.


That's all provided that they are open and have snow of course... last year the southern PA resorts closed around March 15th, and didn't have all the runs open then.

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Lib, RT, WT all closed the 22nd last year, with easily enough coverage to last another 2 weeks across the entire hill(s).  We were whining up a storm, almost went to earn turns the following weekend!  

They are so dependent on DC-area day-trippers, there is nobody on the slopes by then- everyone's shifted to working their yards and shuttling the kids to spring sports.  


Their base today is good, 3-4ft, but its been such a crapshoot with warm spells, who knows if they'll make it that far this year?  I would say St Patty's is a probable yes, Easter is an almost certain no.


Talking to one of their mgmt earlier this season, he said they need 80 days to break even, 65 if they can bang out some amazing weekends (which they almost definitely didn't get this year- MLK was warm, Pres was frigid, low-med volume both weekends).  Coincidentally 80 days this year = Easter.  Go figure.

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