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Why do ski technique instructions so often use "racing" images in example?

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Most of us do not ski with our hips less than 20cm from the snow surface,  nor desire to do so for a days recreational (or occupational) skiing.


Using elite athleticism to demonstrate recreational skiing skill confounds me.



I don't benefit in any way from still photos of elite athletes doing what they do.  And it troubles me that such examples are used to portray, "learning to ski well" methods and techniques.


Can "IT"  not be demonstrated with images less amplified.  Are the desired aspects  too subtle?


Lack of available images?

Is there a sense that "If they do it this way at the highest levels it MUST be right"?

I can say "cranking" every turn to the extreme is NOT my idea of fun.


Now a day in the deep and steep?  There are no images greater than the ones in my memory. ;-))

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It's most likely related to locale.


When I lived in Maine, the race academies had a strong presence. Their presence influenced a lot of the pictures going around about skiing and what people were motivated for.


Living in Japan, demonstration skiing has a much stronger hold. It's a different style and thats all there is to it.


Heck, even when the downhillers turn to powder skiing they say it's a completely different game. 


But I agree, the appropriate imagery should be shown to the appropriate level. 

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Your missing the point. It's a goal, not an absolute. Seeing those pictures, having been a race team parent, watching the kids, has greatly improved my fun while skiing.


I will agree if your not interested in improving your skiing, which by the way greatly increases the fun I get fun skiing, then they are wasted on you.


If you watch what the racer does with there upper body and hands and body position it will give you something to work on. I'm 61 y/o I will drop my hip in a turn granted I'm not getting anywhere there performance level, but doing that greatly increases the pressure I can put on my skis and feel the G forces suck me into the snow.


There are many pieces to puzzle of skiing at that level, but if you want it you can at least use some of that technique to get you there.


Also when I was re-habing my knee, I had a picture of Picabo Street as my goal.


I can't tell you enough how much enjoyment I get by taking the time to improve my skiing. I ski a lot so its easy for me to practice and I have friends that teach and one is currently working on her PSIA III exam. We spend time talking about all the little things that matter that many skiers don't realize happens that effect the ski. I helped another friend pass her level III about 15 years ago.


Take a few lessons,  read Mike Rogan's articles in Ski Magazine there's a ton of info out there. You just have to buy into it and embrace it. Doing that will great increase the joy you get from skiing.

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Racing is skiing technique taken to its utmost extreme. Sometimes its easiest to see a concept when its taken to its extreme, which is why hyperbole is often used to make a point. 


That being said, online discussions use racers as visual props for no more reason than it's much easier to find pictures of racers on the Google than it is to find pictures of intermediate skiers illustrating the writer's point. 


When instructors take certification exams, one of the things we are evaluated on and have to pass is "skill level skiing", meaning we actually have to be able to demonstrate what skiing at the student's level is supposed to look like. 

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LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01


LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

Here' s two non racer pictures of me back in 2006. I've gotten better but you can see some of the things you need to do.


Feel free to pick them apart, we can all learn.


I found a few other pictures in the trees there about 4 of them in sequence if you like.


Or are you just looking to start a thread whining about something ? ;) I see you have another thread started...

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