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Blizzard Bonafide + Blizzard Bodacious (Two Ski Quiver)

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I currently ski on the Blizzard Bonafide and love everything about it. I'm only 10 days in but have skied it in all conditions and it has handled them great. That being said I am thinking about getting a specific powder ski and have been looking at the Blizzard Bodacious since I enjoy the Bonafide so much.

Couple of questions are (I) if anybody has this combo and how they like it and (Ii) I ski on the 180 Bonafide (6'2" 175 lbs) would you recommend the 177 or 185 Bodacious.

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I would go 185 Bod if you like to nail your lines. Something in the 70's seems a little short for you, but if you like trees and chutes, I'd consider it.


Out of curiosity, what level of skier are you? The reason I ask is because I own the Bonifides. In icy conditions, I dont think there is a much better ski. However, in deep tight spots, such as chute or trees. I absolute loathe this ski. The tips sink, the tails catch, impossible to pivot, etc. I get a lot of snow where I'm at, but I can't stand them in heavy conditions. Are you a double black Mack 12 guy? How do you make them work for you?


I can say for long blues, I can get over 50 mph with these. They're extremely comfortable at speed, but on double black deep chutes, like I said, I hate them - they don't float, and its hard to dump speed.



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Depends on what you are looking for in a "powder" ski.  If you like to charge big lines in wide open bowls, the Bodacious sounds like it's up your ally (I believe the new offering doesn't have metal or as much metal as prior years either).  If you prefer to have a more playful ski, and one that can rip trees, chutes, and tighter areas, then something softer like the old Gunsmoke would be something to look at.


170 sounds too short for a pow ski as well.  I'm 5'6" and 165lbs and ski the Gunsmoke in 179. (different ski than the Bodacious of course  but put out there for context) My daily driver is a 170 Kendo (before the rocker) which I believe is more similar to the Brahma.

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I picked up some original year demo Bodacious 185, they looked like they had two days on them.

I loved them so much I looked the following summer for the Bones.

Nothing available either new or used and I bought some retail, I never do that but I just had to have them.

These two are a fine quiver, I run the boots + 1cm forward and they're easy.

Unless you like TIGHT trees go long.
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First year bodacious only came in a 186 and 196. How much do you weigh, OP?
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I've been skiing my 1st Gen 186 Bodacious everywhere this year, and I'm really digging them.  I'm 5'11/195, driving them with Cochise 120s and 916s FWIW.

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Agreed! I'll toss my hat into the gen 1 186 love fest. My favorite biggie.
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